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Validating and evaluating insurance leads is a pain point for many insurance marketers. This video demonstrates how LexisNexis Lead Optimizer, an automated lead management solution, scores insurance leads, enabling you to focus your time and efforts on the most promising, productive prospects who are more likely to request a quote and purchase a policy.

Sourcing quality life and auto insurance leads can be a time consuming and frustrating affair. But what if you had an insurance lead tool that could review every prospect for you and help validate each and every one for accuracy? What if that same tool, using specific models for life and auto insurance leads, then scored those prospects by conversion propensity and even appended new, added-value data to give you a more complete vision of a lead's true potential?

LexisNexis Lead Optimizer is an automated lead management solution that enables you to focus your energy on the most promising prospects who are most likely to request a quote and purchase a policy.

First, existing customers, duplicate leads and invalid identities are identified and can be removed. Second, leads are enhanced using predictive analytics and value added proprietary data, which enables you to prioritize them as you see fit. With Lead Optimizer, you can cut unproductive leads by 30% or more. Ask about LexisNexis Lead Optimizer today. Contact your LexisNexis representative to see how Lead Optimizer could work for you. (See video for more...)

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