Pharmacy Information Management Is Key to Success

Protect health information, optimize outcomes, ensure patient safety and minimize costs through identity intelligence. 

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pharmacy information managementIn healthcare today, it’s not just who you know, it’s what you know about them. Pharmacy information management provides identity intelligence, insights required to protect health data, optimize health outcomes and patient safety, minimize costs and, in general, manage all the covered lives that are part of the healthcare system. Along with pharmacy and medical data, socioeconomic and demographic details about patients and members are the building blocks of identity intelligence, and ongoing access to updated data is critical to success in pharmacy. This gives pharmacies - specialty, PBM and retail - opportunities to participate in patients’ overall health.

Pharmacy organizations should act now to gain access to the data and analytics they’ll need to protect privacy, prevent identity theft, meet compliance requirements, deliver messaging to the intended recipients, up patient engagement and boost medication adherence and overall outcomes. Download our white paper to begin integrating these critical data assets into your pharmacy information management strategy.
White Paper

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