LexisNexis® Map View

Insurance risk visualization that drives more accurate risk assessments

Gain visibility into accumulations, perils and claims history. 

LexisNexis Map View delivers insurance risk insights that help you make more accurate risk assessments.


More Accurate Risk Assessments
Geocoded, peril-based insurance risk information allows you to make more accurate risk assessments at the individual property level.

Precision Pricing
More accurate risk assessments drive accurate rates, allowing you to price with better precision and grow your portfolio.

New Business Opportunities

Visualizing insurance risk information helps you create better quality risk assessments, which lead to increased business and optimized reinsurance costs.


More Adequately Assess Peril Impacts
Base insurance risk scores on property-specific, location-based, geocoded peril information.

Improve Accuracy
Pinpoint risk at the individual property level.

Broaden Your View
Visualize insurance risk scores from both a perils and accumulations standpoint.

Price with Precision
Calculate rates based on more accurate risk assessments.

Improve Your Business

Make better quality risk assessments, optimize reinsurance costs and drive new business.