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Nuanced Customer Insight Gives You
a Direct Line to Campaign Success.

Direct marketing by mail continues to play a meaningful role in a digital world. Surveys show that 90% of direct mail is opened versus 18% of marketing emails1 and that direct mail is the most effective channel for reaching financial and purchasing decision makers.2

That said, it needs to be handled with care. The investment in paper, postage and effort has to pay off. And that adds pressure on marketers to be as precise as possible in targeting. So sharpen your toolset. Amplify your marketing analytics, and leverage expanded insights to reframe your direct marketing strategy for maximum results.

1 Bank Administration Institute (BAI), “Using direct mail to break through the digital marketing clutter,” August 17, 2020
2 PFL, A Guide To How Top Financial Institutions Use Direct Mail, September 9, 2019
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Perfect Your Marketing Models to Capture Your Best Opportunities

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions uncovers more exacting insights that lead to a better “best customer” profile.

Who Are You Looking For?

We can help you identify specific characteristics and triggers common to the type of customer you have the best relationship with. By enhancing your data with unique and expansive attributes — including those representative of high-value, thin-file prospects you might never have considered — we fine-tune marketing modeling to achieve any number of objectives.
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Propensity Modeling

Strike the perfect balance with response modeling that predicts your best respondents and your riskiest ones, based on prior campaigns.
three people reviewing direct marketing modeling and analytics documents

Customer Lifetime
Value Modeling

Build a model to rank order best-performing customers in your portfolio, then see what characteristics they share. Use these insights to replicate success.
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Look-A-Like Modeling

Identify prospects with attributes and behaviors common to the intended audience. For instance, instead of targeting based on vehicle data, focus on individuals, vehicles they drive, and “like” behaviors of these drivers.

Model Stronger Campaign Success From the Start

See how our data and analytics can make the difference in your results.

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