2018 Fraud Study

2018 LexisNexis® Risk Solutions
Fraud Mitigation Study

A Cross-Industry View of Fraud Trends and Prevention Techniques

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Cross-Industry Fraud: Trends and Perceptions

2018 Fraud Mitigation Study

LexisNexis Risk Solutions commissioned its annual Fraud Mitigation Study to better understand fraud trends – particularly related to fraud that touches multiple industries. Findings from this year’s survey of 800 fraud mitigation professionals from insurance, financial services, retail, government, health care and communications showed that cross-industry fraud increased for the first time in four years. Cross-industry fraud cases are not only prevalent, but also costly. To address the problem, fraud mitigation professionals are increasingly interested in sharing data with outside organizations. The study found that professionals continue to use external data and analytics to solve cases, but are moving toward more sophisticated tools.

This year’s study additionally explored perceptions about data security and compromised identities, along with steps organizations are taking to address fraud cases related to identity theft.

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