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Accurint® Virtual Crime Center


Unlock the Power of Accurint ®

Next generation analytics and data sharing platform with features you won’t find anywhere else.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers Accurint Virtual Crime Center to law enforcement agencies across the country as a single sign-on, mission-critical tool designed to aid agencies in making key data-driven operational decisions. Providing agencies with a view beyond their own jurisdiction, this solution offers industry-leading, next-generation analytics and features unique to LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Bringing together disconnected data from over 10,000 different sources, including police agencies nationwide,  Accurint Virtual Crime Center can replace the multiple tools agencies currently use, with a single solution for locating identity data, retrieving jail booking photos, performing robust analytics, mapping patterns, performing link analysis, and more.

With cutting-edge analytics and automated data linking, law enforcement personnel can get a comprehensive view of peoples’ identities. Evidence-based policing allows them to better target investigations, generate leads and solve crimes. Using nationwide crime data, they can also detect patterns and deploy resources efficiently. Accurint Virtual Crime Center helps police agencies be more effective in protecting and serving their communities.

Download our article, From Patrol to Prosecution: Key Questions to Ask When Choosing Technology for a Law Enforcement Agency, to see if Accurint Virtual Crime Center is right for your agency.

One Solution Can Do It All

Accurint Virtual Crime Center can replace multiple tools agencies currently use for identity
data, data analytics, device geolocation analysis, link analysis, and mapping.  Having all information and
capabilities available through a single interface streamlines tasks, increasing
efficiency and productivity.

Linking Data Into One Interface

Criminals have no boundaries so neither can you when it comes to critical investigative intelligence and crime reporting. That’s why Accurint Virtual Crime Center gives you visibility beyond your own jurisdictions into regional and nationwide crime data. One search will return identity data linked to your agency’s data and law enforcement data throughout the U.S. for intelligence-led policing. Accurint Virtual Crime Center also includes enterprise access to Accurint for Law Enforcement for your entire agency.

  • Rapidly Reveal Non-Obvious Connections
  • Combine and Visualize Your RMS Data with Our Vast Datasets
  • Effectively Determine Proximity and Patterns of Movement
  • Flexible View for All Users
  • Tailored Displays to Match Agency Priorities
  • Configure Reports Based on Advanced Analytics
  • Jail Booking Records from Local and State Facilities
  • Quickly Produce Photo Lineups
  • Provides Details for Intelligence Led Policing
  • Conduct Searches Against Proprietary Datasets
  • Crop and Filter Functionality Included
  • Customize Search Display Options
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence Crime trend insights based on user data
  • Automated alerts when a trend is identified
  • Detailed analytical tools to quickly analyze data on emerging trends

The Next Generation Investigative Solution

  • Timely, frequently updated data that drives data quality
  • A single platform to deliver standardized data attributes
  • Comprehensive view of an identity, location, or vehicle for lead generation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities for expedited crime trend identification
  • Ability to leverage subject matter experts to offset resource constraints
  • Seamless combine and compare call detail records with contributory law enforcement data with one click
  • Trusted provider of solutions to law enforcement for over 25 years
  • Our team has over 700+ combined years of law enforcement experience
  • Clear understanding of law enforcement needs
  • National Map of Crime containing agency data from across the country that includes Crime Incident Data, Calls for Service, Offender Data, and Crash Data
  • Integration of diverse resources needed to complete thorough investigations
  • Cross-jurisdictional agency data linked to identity information from over 10,000 sources using LexID

Your Data        +

People and their information changes, and with billions of records to manage, it can be difficult for law enforcement agencies to turn it into actionable intelligence and locate critical investigative data.

Our Data        =

Our technology seamlessly links every individual’s data overtime with 99.999% prevision, giving you a 360 degree view of identity, not just a current snapshot.

Better Together

Your Agency is Our Mission.  Unlock the Power of Accurint® 

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