Enhance clinical research and improve patient outcomes with a truly smart token.

The highest-quality patient data available, securely de-identified with next-generation tokenization.

Healthcare Data Tokenization


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Power Clinical Research with More Precise Real-World Data

Every research population is made up of individual people and their unique circumstances. The more clearly you can understand each person, the better-equipped you can be to improve outcomes. This understanding requires data — but in healthcare, the data you need is too often scattered in different systems or silos, locked away due to privacy laws, or may not be accurately linked to patients.

To conduct the most impactful research and generate real-world evidence of improved outcomes, today’s healthcare professionals need real-world data (RWD) that delivers a complete picture of each patient’s clinical and non-clinical records.

With patient-centric tokenization from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, healthcare professionals can access some of the most complete healthcare datasets available — all securely de-identified with the LexisNexis® Gravitas™ Token; all ready to be matched and linked to enhance study designs, ensure diverse representation in study participants, enrich data analysis to uncover new insights, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Tokenization Use Cases

life sciences

Life Sciences Organizations

  • Better plan clinical trial protocol design, resources, and support
  • Observe real-world outcomes beyond trials
  • Expand follow-up data on trial participants
  • Ensure diverse representation of eligible trial participants

data partner

Health Data Providers

  • Match records across datasets with precision
  • Gain a longitudinal view of patient journeys
  • Combine your data with other relevant datasets to enable new use cases

Unlock Superior Insights With a Smart Token

The Next Generation of De-identified Data

Unlocking a more complete patient journey with a patient-centric token.

Benefits of a Patient-Centric Token

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Use a More Powerful Smart Token

The LexisNexis Gravitas Token provides secure access and interoperability with the rich datasets available within the LexisNexis Gravitas Network. Gravitas contains more than 10,000 de-identified data sources, tied to billions of records — for a total of more than six billion sets of personally identifiable information, giving insight into lifetime changes and choices across more than 280 million adult identities.

Gain a Complete Picture of Patients

The Gravitas Network includes high quality, fully de-identified real-world datasets that offer a detailed view of patient journeys — from medical events and electronic health records (EHR), to social determinants of health (SDoH) and more — for a true longitudinal view that is critical for research in precision medicine and care outcomes.

Exchange Data Securely

Next-generation tokenization removes identifiable information from data, replacing it with de-identified tokens that keep sensitive data secure. Personally identifiable information (PII) remains fully within each organization’s control, while tokenization keeps data secure during exchanges and transactions with third parties. Our smart token delivers superior data quality and linking, coupled with best-in-class secure data de-identification.

Independent experts have determined that the Gravitas Token meets thresholds for de-identification under HIPAA and have validated that the Gravitas Token mitigates risk of re-identification.

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Remove Barriers to Care

Social determinants of health impact at least 50% of health outcomes. Our data solutions are built to enhance understanding of patients’ risk and potential barriers to care. With the complex social determinants of health, medical claims, and mortality data available through the Gravitas Token, health organizations can get a clear view to patient-centric decision-making that drives improved outcomes.

Gravitas™ Integrated Healthcare Data Solutions

The Gravitas Token powers healthcare organizations’ connections to the Gravitas Network of health data assets.

The Gravitas solution is built around proprietary healthcare datasets owned by LexisNexis Risk Solutions and high-quality data from our network partners. Between LexisNexis Risk Solutions and our network partners, Gravitas provides access to a premium collection of America’s healthcare datasets, which include SDoH, medical claims, and mortality data on the majority of U.S. adults.

Fully integrated with the Gravitas architecture, the Gravitas Token is trusted next-generation tokenization technology that ensures secure de-identification of data for use in clinical, research, and study settings by healthcare and life sciences organizations.1

1) The linking of any additional dataset that is not reasonably available to the Gravitas Token or Gravitas Core datasets requires independent expert determination of HIPAA compliance. Access to and use of regulated data is limited to use for a permissible purpose and subject to completion of the LexisNexis Risk Solution credentialing process.

A Smart Token for Life Sciences

Data Network Partnership

Healthcare data organizations can partner with LexisNexis Risk Solutions to contribute proprietary data to the Gravitas architecture, opening a new channel for data sales and gaining access to our data for resale. Securely de-identified through the Gravitas Token, this proprietary data can be combined with other partners’ high-quality data to enhance the Gravitas architecture and contribute to improved insights and more equitable outcomes in healthcare.

Have data? Contact us to learn more about Gravitas Network.

Go Farther With Gravitas

Connect with a healthcare representative to learn how LexisNexis Gravitas can enhance your research with the power of real-world data and next-generation health data tokenization.

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