2016 LexisNexis Card Issuer Fraud Study Infographic

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The statistics around fraud illustrate the ongoing challenges facing card issuers. How do you create a positive customer experience while combatting constant fraud attempts from every channel? This detailed infographic from LexisNexis® presents a current snapshot of the biggest fraud threats and ideas for how your business can proactively prevent fraud. Based on a recent study conducted by LexisNexis that focused on how card issuers are faring in a Post-EMV market, the infographic delivers insights that include:
  • The connection between data breaches and the escalation of fraud tactics
  • Insights into the most pervasive types of card fraud: Account Takeover Fraud, Application Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud and Card Not Present Fraud
  • Tools and tactics card issuers are employing to fortify fraud defenses
Explore the infographic to better understand key areas of fraud vulnerability and to gain new ideas for protecting your business.

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