2017 True Cost of Fraud Study - Retail Edition

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Elevate the customer experience in the face of escalating retail fraud threats

In-depth overview of the drivers behind the increase of retail fraud and critical prevention strategies.

The only thing rising faster than fraud costs are your customers' expectations for a seamless digital shopping experience. How do you meet your customer exactly where and how they wish to transact while effectively mitigating fraud risk?

Explore the Retail Edition of the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions 2017 True Cost of Fraud℠ Study. You'll get detailed, executive-driven insights into the current challenges facing the retail market. The study also highlights industry best practices and illustrates how the right mix of solutions can help prevent fraud from impacting your bottom line.

Raise the bar for your customers while reducing the impacts of retail fraud.  Read the full study now.

Read the full study now

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