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Prospect List Generation Informed by Insight

Built from data that’s not only clean, current and correct — but also appended with unique attributes.

List Generation and Data Augmentation


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How Do You Fill the Gap From “List” To “Lift”? Marketing Data Enrichment

In customer acquisition, everything rides on the quality of your data. Our list generation and list segmentation solutions put special emphasis and care into establishing a solid data foundation to help you: 1) determine your best targets — and discover new ones 2) improve offer relevance and 3) better understand trends within your customer portfolio.
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Let Us Demonstrate the Difference It Makes When You Add New Layers of Insight.

Leverage alternative insights to help you understand what your best customer looks like so you can match prospect targeting to those attributes. Or use these expanded insights to segment right and improve profitability of your pre-screen offers.
The lives of your prospects are dynamic, and your data needs to keep up. 

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions can reveal insights down to the prospect, relative and household level. This creates a more refined and more accurate image of both consumer and small business prospects.

Hone-in on triggers that signal your customers’ needs for new products. And, uncover learnings that could help you convert prospects who haven’t been responsive in the past.
Add alternative insights to what you already know about your customers and use these indicators to focus on the targets who offer the best chance of success for your business.
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Pinpoint Your Best Prospects with Profile Booster

Profile Booster provides model-ready attributes that expand your economic view of consumers and small businesses across the credit spectrum. It enhances your traditional marketing data with additional information about the prospect’s financial trajectory, including attributes that indicate stability, ability to pay and willingness to repay. This adds a meaningful boost to predictive analysis — with a positive impact on response rates and marketing ROI.

Cut Through the Noise. Hear the Sweet Sound of “Yes” From Profitable Prospects. 

Discover the power of additive data that amplifies customer acquisition.

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