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The line between success and so-so: a quality prospect list.

You might have the most appealing offer in the marketplace. But if you rely on traditional bureau data exclusively, you limit the impact of your outreach efforts to an over-saturated pool of targets.

You need a more complete picture of these prospects. In fact, you need more prospects – additional creditworthy consumers who aren’t already being courted by your competitors. The trick is to expand prospect lists while maintaining FCRA compliance without casting a net so wide that you overspend. That’s where we come in. We provide the tools to clean up your data and augment your marketing effort, refine segmentation of existing lists and accurately pinpoint emerging consumers.

For better ROI from you marketing programs, let LexisNexis® Risk Solutions help you build higher-quality prospect lists. We can help you:

Cleanse, enrich and link customer data so it’s current and productive Expand your addressable market and generate marketing lists that tap into the white space Get insights on over 10 million bureau no-hits and over 25 million bureau thin files that could represent over $10 billion in un-captured revenue annually*

*Database Marketing Institute, “ROI, Profitability and Lifetime Value"

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Bad addresses and data errors can cost you as much as 30% of your revenue.*

*Ovum Research, "Bad Data Costing U.S. Businesses $700 Billion A Year"

We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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