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Millions of consumers receive your pre-approved credit offers — and similar overtures from competitors. Everyone uses the same bureau lists, so it’s not wonder you’re all hitting the same small slice of high-value prospects. The limited nature of credit bureau information can also be a barrier to meaningful and personalized targeting. It makes sense to expand your horizons.

A good place to start: The nearly 54%[1] that don’t routinely receive credit card offers. Many of these consumers are attractive prospects for credit products but simply don’t have the credit history that would put them on the radar of issuers. If you can quickly analyze this group and identify reliable, low-risk prospects who are likely to respond, you can edge out competitors, proactively build relationships, and spend less time processing unqualified applicants.

Enhance your prospect pool with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions.

LexisNexis offers a breadth and depth of data assets that increase your visibility into unscorable consumers. Our analysis includes alternative data sources that help you obtain predictive info on 95% of U.S. consumers and more than 80% of bureau unscorables. Learn how our solutions can help you expand your addressable market, tailor offers and uncover cross-sell/upsell opportunities. 

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