A Unique Approach to Pre-screen and a Shortcut to Better Results

Add expanded insights to your pre-approved credit marketing to increase relevance, boost response and clarify risk.

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Effective Targeting and Smarter Lending:
It’s All in How You Prepare.

Do you have the dynamic data you need to succeed with pre-approved credit offers? How about better insights into customer opportunities, preferences and behaviors — and also credit riskiness and credit worthiness? Alternative data from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps organizations get enhanced visibility into a diversity of hidden insights.
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Pick the Best Targets. Get the Offer Right. Lend With Confidence.

Insist on starting with one of the most expansive and robust customer insight.

Increase Predictive Intelligence 

Whether you are targeting consumers or small- and mid-sized businesses, our data sets enable better decisions at every stage of the customer journey.

Strengthen your customer acquisition marketing strategies with a more robust profile of the consumer or business. Our insight-rich credit data helps you narrow-in on risks, profitability potential and credit worthiness at the present time. Identify the right prospect while staying in compliance. Make offers of credit with the confidence that your target recipients really do meet your threshold.
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Out-Compete Your Competitors

You can be sure that the prospects receiving your pre-approved credit offers are also being courted by businesses similar to yours. Gain the edge: Add alternative data into your modeling and create offers from rich intelligence that others may not have.

Confidently out-compete with more
attractive offers

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Generate higher response and
acceptance rates

Calibrate risk to support growth

Calibrate risk to support growth

Discover New Prospects You Never Had Access To

If you exclusively rely on traditional data sets to drive customer acquisition marketing, you may only see a partial view of the prospect universe. You could easily miss the one-fifth of U.S. adults who haven’t built up a significant credit profile. Millions of them have a great financial track record, demonstrate responsible bill management and would likely take you up on offers.

That’s where alternative data makes the difference. It gives you visibility into non-credit life events and behaviors that are proven to be strong indicators of creditworthiness. Our customer acquisition solutions give you access to these unique data sets — introducing you to a massive underserved market of creditworthy consumers who could be an ideal fit for your offers.
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Alternative data allows you to
evaluate prospects from every
segment: from no-hit to thick file

Manage risk while tapping into a
new market of consumers and
SMBs looking for access to credit

Make Your Preemptive Move With Augmented Data.

Create a rich customer and prospect view that sets the stage for solid relationships.

Refine Pre-Screen Marketing Efforts With LexisNexis® RiskView™ List Generation

This FCRA-compliant solution optimizes the outcomes of your pre-screen marketing efforts. Use RiskView List Generation to glean expanded consumer insights across the full-file, thin-file and no-file population. Identify a larger audience of qualified consumers — especially segments who are new to credit like younger generations and recent immigrants. Further segment your portfolio and improve profitability of customer acquisition efforts.
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Score More New Business With Consumers You Thought Were Unscorable.

Increase your addressable market for credit offers.

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