Regaining Lending Confidence Through Alternative Data


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Lend Confidently in Uncertain Times

Alternative Data Whitepaper

The events of March 2020 disrupted the way that consumers and companies transact with one another. As consumers sheltered in place in reaction to a health crisis, it became more difficult for many businesses to generate cash. Consequently, consumer incomes were threatened as a result of permanent and temporary worker furloughs, especially those in the services industries that directly or indirectly rely on face-to-face customer interaction. These events introduced historic uncertainty into the economic environment – both in the scale and nature of the disruption.

Within impacted lenders and service providers, few have faced steeper challenges to operating in this environment than credit risk managers. 

Consumer credit behavior is changing in surprising ways – with some consumers showing signs of increasing credit stability, while others show the more expected signs of credit distress. Compounding this challenge are new regulations – with varying and uncertain timeframes – restricting the credit reporting which fuels traditional credit tools. In this current environment, with consumer credit risk exhibiting polarized trajectories – how can risk managers continue to lend with confidence?

Regaining Confidence, the latest white paper from the credit experts at LexisNexis® Risk Solutions,  shares new findings and unique insights to help move forward and lend in today’s challenging market. The paper examines both traditional credit data and multiple forms of alternative data – taking stock not just of how consumers have fared in the first nine months of the recession, but also the role various data sources can play in stabilizing lending strategies.

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