The Power of Identity in a Digitized World

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by Jane Doe Smith, Data Analyst Specialist, LexisNexis

The Power of IDentity in a Digitized World

Discover how to prevent escalating and evolving identity fraud risk.

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The Power of Identity in a Digitized World

Federal, state, and local agencies are tasked with delivering secure services across multiple channels while providing a seamless and equitable experience for trusted citizens.


Understanding identity is central to solving challenges in this increasingly digitized age. Establishing and maintaining trust in the true-identity of omni-channel citizens solves the challenge of delivering secure services without compromising the user experience.

This identity-focused infographic series, entitled The Power of IDentity in a Digitized World, discusses top priorities and challenges that government agencies face – in an ever-increasing and evolving threat landscape – and how LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is equipped to address them.

The infographic series focuses on top four identity priority pillars:

  • Security & Risk
  • Precision & Modernization
  • Trust & Experience
  • Optimization & Efficiency

Infographic No. 1 – Deep Focus on Fraud

Our first infographic takes a deep-level focus on escalating fraud and the existing and emerging threat vector landscape. Agencies continue to face ever more complex, sophisticated security threats — disguised in synthetic identities, bot and malware activity, device takeovers and other opaque schemes.

Infographic No. 2 - Deep Focus on Cybersecurity

This infographic focuses on the importance of protecting agencies and citizens from fraud and cybersecurity attacks, and how identity fraud prevention and cybersecurity are key concerns.

Infographic No. 3 - Deep Focus on Precision & Modernization

Key interoperability challenges emerge as agencies build to scale, integrate, and centralize systems. Risks emerge due to maintaining legacy technology, staffing resources, and preserving operational and data transparency. These challenges endanger an agency’s ability to solve complex identity challenges and drive better outcomes.



No. 1 - Top Priority Pillars: Security & Risk

Prevent escalating and evolving fraud risk.



No. 2 - Top Priority Pillars: Cybersecurity

Protect agencies from cybersecurity attacks.



No. 3 - Top Priority Pillars: Precision & Modernization

Drive modernization at scale for increased efficiency, interoperability, and transparency.


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