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Add a layer of defense to fraud prevention and detection.

Combine behavioral biometrics with digital identity intelligence to make better fraud and risk decisions.

Improving Online Fraud Protection

Online fraud continues to grow at an alarming rate. Fraudsters often operate as well-organized enterprises and use bots to greatly extend their reach. They are continually refining their efforts by deploying new strategies to break through defenses and identify vulnerabilities.

The fraud and identity solutions you use in your organization must adapt as well. A proactive stance is always better than reactive to stay ahead of threats.

Minimize Friction

Companies offering online services are in a constant struggle to keep bad actors out and let legitimate customers in. The easy answer is to add more security measures. But in doing so, you can risk adding friction that negatively impacts user experience. Make the customer jump through too many hoops and you could cause them to abandon their transaction.

While safeguarding against fraud risk is a necessity, balancing those efforts with a positive, online experience is paramount. Consumers value security but they still want a convenient, hassle-free process.

A Layered Defense

Fraud attacks are becoming more complex and hyperconnected than ever before. Layering solutions is key to protect against the full spectrum of attacks.

LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix® is an enterprise solution for digital identity intelligence and authentication powered by insight from billions of transactions, embedded machine learning and a decision platform. And now it’s getting an extra layer of fortification. LexisNexis® Behavioral Biometrics, accessed via the ThreatMetrix portal, is fully integrated with the ThreatMetrix solution.

Behavioral Biometrics provides an additional layer of defense to risk assessment without creating a negative user experience. Unlike point solutions, which often plug individual vulnerabilities, a layered defense can inform better risk decisions. By combining behavioral biometrics with digital identity intelligence, you gain additional risk signals across high-risk events such as account openings and payments.

Applying Biometrics to Identification

Physical biometrics involves inherent human features such as iris patterns and fingerprints. Behavioral biometrics looks at interactive gestures, such as how an individual types on a keyboard, moves a mouse, holds a phone or taps a touch screen and compares those characteristics with known digital behavioral traits common to fraudsters, bots and trusted users. 

Behavioral biometrics can be used by financial institutions, businesses, government facilities, ecommerce merchants and online businesses to inform access and transaction decisions. The technology is proven to detect and block automated attacks and suspicious transactions.

LexisNexis Behavioral Biometrics can help:

  • Separate human from non-human traffic like bots
  • Identify “good” trusted customers profiles
  • Reliably profile fraudsters
  • Detect session anomalies
  • Build trust relating to good customers

Nonintrusive to Consumers

A big part of the appeal of behavioral biometrics is that the data can be obtained without disrupting the consumer experience. It’s completely unobtrusive and introduces no friction as the data collection is imperceptible.

Privacy Protection For Users

Data protection is an essential component of Behavioral Biometrics. The product is “privacy by design”. Because the solution doesn’t capture any passwords or personally identifiable information, the privacy and security of users is maintained. 

An Extra Layer of Security

Differentiating between good and bad online behavior is harder than ever. Gathering data across multiple touchpoints in the online journey helps build richer behavioral profiles and inform better decisions. 

Behavioral Biometrics allows organizations to detect high-risk scenarios and make better fraud decisions. It adds an extra layer of intelligence to identity authentication and represents a powerful tool in the fight against cybercrime.

Discover how Behavioral Biometrics can help you detect and block fraudsters in near real time while facilitating quality interactions for your trusted customers.

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