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Better small business insights = a smarter route to growth.

Assessing small business credit risk is always a concern when trying to grow your portfolio. Information on small and mid-sized entities is often scant or nonexistent. Credit reports can be hit or miss; less than 50% of small businesses have a credit profile, and half of those are thin files. Searches come up short when you don’t connect the dots between, say an LLC and the “DBA” it operates under.

Refine your decisions with the broadest, deepest data sets in the industry.

Our rich data assets and exceptional linking capabilities come together to yield enhanced insight about your applicants and small business credit risk. Approve more applicants without loosening your lending standards and maximize your marketing investment. Our small business credit risk solutions deliver exactly what you need to evaluate creditworthiness, segment risk, identify beneficial owners, and more.

Alternative data and advanced linking give lenders a more complete picture of a small business and its owners
Optimize your small business credit risk decisioning process.

The flourishing small business market represents incredible opportunities to capture new market share and increase profits. But finding accurate small business credit risk decisioning information can be a challenge. You need to understand the creditworthiness of small businesses and many have limited or no financial footprints. You also have to uncover potential risks associated with the small business owners and authorized representatives. With the right data on small business credit risk, you get a more inclusive snapshot of a small business and you can extend more offers, optimize terms and avoid risk.

Increase decision efficiency with deeper intelligence on small business credit risk.

Make faster, more well-informed small business credit risk decisions by leveraging a complete picture of a small business and the people behind that small business. 
With our small business credit risk solutions, you can: 

Expand your addressable market: Assess small businesses with limited credit histories. 
Reduce risk exposure: Differentiate between small businesses within similar credit bands with a detailed view into their financial stability. 
Optimize terms: Target the small businesses with the best profit potential by strengthening segmentation to avoid commercial credit risk. 

You can help these companies build business credit using our small business credit risk solutions, which include small business credit scores, small business credit reports and small business credit attributes. You gain insights that only alternative data and advanced linking can provide and the intelligence you need for more profitable decisions across the small business lending lifecycle. 

Gain a competitive advantage with alternative data and advanced linking.

Thin-file and no-file small businesses are more common than you might think: fewer than half of the small businesses in the US have an established credit file, and studies suggest it can take a small business 3-5 years to even appear in a traditional credit reporting database. These companies want to build business credit and can be opportunities just waiting to happen — but which small businesses represent the strongest opportunity? Our small business credit report and small business credit score have expansive coverage of alternative data sources to deliver new insights that help you instantly differentiate between profit potential and probable risk. 

Through our advanced linking, we aggregate this high-value information from more than thousands of sources that include business registrations with state and local governments, points of contact, address details, assets, property ownership, firmographics and derogatory public records on bankruptcy, judgments, liens and more. Our alternative data also provides extensive real estate, property and license information that you won’t find anywhere else. With this unique and magnified perspective into small business risk, you gain the competitive advantage of greatly improved credit decisioning power. You can identify an up-and-coming small business before it hits the mainstream market or avoid a risky small business before it negatively impacts your bottom line. 

Alternative data brings intuitive insights to small business credit risk decisioning. 

Is the small business real? We compile our thousands of sources of alternative data from trustworthy government sources like the Secretary of State and the IRS, and compare it against data points from thousands of other sources to verify that a small business exists and to deliver our small business credit report, small business credit score and small business credit attributes to commercial banks and other small business lenders. 

Is the small business stable? Alternative data reveals stability, including the basics such as the length of time registered and in good standing with government sources, the length of time at an address and general business activity. It can go a step deeper, inferring stability by business type (e.g., franchises), firmographics (e.g., estimated revenues and number of employees) and characteristics on the location(s) and operations. 
Is the small business able to repay? Alternative data infers ability to repay based on property ownership, assets and pledged collateral. Additionally, alternative data leverages the asset profile of the owner or authorized representative. 
Has the small business shown an unwillingness to repay? Alternative data not only includes traditional public records of bankruptcy, judgments and liens, but also brings trending, such as time since a derogatory experience and the derogatory track-record with the associated people. 
Is this a small business you would want to do business with? Alternative data reveals events that may cause you to pause in establishing a business relationship, such as presence in OFAC, watchlists, sanctions, unfavorable news and more. 

Better understand the people behind small businesses.

More than 99% of the US business population is comprised of micro, small and privately held companies. Commercial banks are using our small business credit risk products, which include small business credit reports, small business credit scores and small business credit attributes to gain decisioning insights built from the broadest coverage of small businesses and human entities in the US. By identifying the people and other entities associated with a small business and understanding the benefits or risks associated with those businesses, you can improve your small business credit risk decisioning, strengthen targeting and avoid risk. Our proprietary advanced linking technology uncovers relationships between people and small businesses and creates a blended view into the business and its authorized representatives. 

Improve your commercial credit risk management results with proven decisioning intelligence.

Get small business credit risk insights and valuable performance-based data to help strengthen decisions across your small business credit risk lending lifecycle when you use our small business credit score, small business credit report and small business credit attributes products. With sharpened visibility into small business credit risk, you gain a level of decision clarity that can help you identify new opportunities and minimize risk. 

Our small business credit risk solutions help you effectively evaluate small business credit risk from an all-encompassing viewpoint, so you can extend more offers, optimize portfolio performance and increase profitability. Grow your small business market share using the proven combination of alternative data on small businesses and small business owners using powerful analytics that reveal small business credit risk levels.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Offers Several Advantages

Thousands of sources for business including registrations with state and local governments, points of contact, derogatory public records including bankruptcy, judgments, liens and more

200+ LexisNexis attributes (commercial, individual or blended)

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