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Does Mary Jo’s Financial Institution Have Enough Information To Approve Her Loan?

Mary Jo opened her first “Tyler Togs” shop after her youngest child graduated from high school. She carries several popular lines of children’s clothes, including one made right in Texas, and she provides superior customer service. That recipe enabled the first store to be an almost instant success, so over the years she has opened four more locations, all in strip malls that have strong anchors and popular local and national franchises. She rents these spaces and pays on time. 

Now Mary Jo wants to open another store in a new, upscale open-air shopping plaza in an area adjacent to several popular restaurants and parks. She’s going to lease the space, but needs financing to acquire the interior shelving, counters, furnishings and other items to complete the interior design and showcase her stock. 

She calls a new online lender she’s been reading about to discuss the loan she needs. Her stores have been doing well, but she does have a tax lien from a previous store that she’s still paying. Will that prevent her from getting a loan? 

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