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Credit Risk Assessment

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If money makes the world go ‘round, insight is the engine.

It’s tough out there for a lender these days. You hold the key to a thriving economy. But your optimism may be tempered by past lending mistakes… the emergence of new competitors… and increased regulatory scrutiny. So, how do you balance the desire to come through for borrowers and grow your business while protecting your bottom line? The secret is better insight. Credit risk assessment on credit score alone doesn’t cut it anymore.

Huge numbers of creditworthy prospects aren’t credit-active, and off the radar. Those who do have some credit history may be unscorable. Even full-file applicants can be tough to approve without additional insight into credit behavior.

Discover how our customer acquisition and credit risk assessment solutions strengthen the performance of your customer portfolio.

Small and Mid-Sized Business
Credit Risk

We specialize in that hard-to-find information on small and new businesses, their owners and related entities.

Customer Risk Assessment

Expand your horizons. Our data reveals “prime” prospects that have been off your radar far too long.

Putting time and effort into making a decision is costly to you and frustrating to the borrower. 

That's where we come in — with alternative data sources that paint a picture of financial responsibility beyond credit history, and remarkable profile linking capabilities that yield deeper insight into the applicant and the risk. The results: Confident loan approvals. Profitable portfolio growth. Happy, successful customers.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Offers Several Advantages

 Foster better insights and greater financial inclusion

Generate valid scores for up to 80% of the thin-file or no-file consumer population.*

Approve more applicants, and better segment risk.

Using extensive alternative data sets and powerful linking technology, score up to 60% more businesses than with traditional credit data alone.*

*Based on an internal review of LexisNexis data

Our solution offers insight into the current financial health of over 40 million underserved consumers.

Average BankCard Score
The RiskView Bankcard score provides predictive insight on the creditworthiness of bankcard applicants. The score is often used either for those credit applicants that cannot be scored using traditional credit history or for those who do have established credit history.
*Data Aggregated from FCRA Prospect Database April 2018

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