Track the dynamics that shape your portfolio over time.

You know that financial lives change and competition edges closer. Are you as predictive with your credit portfolio?

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Move portfolio management from reactive to predictive.

It’s great that borrowers are ready to borrow again — but you can’t just dive back into the pool without a solid strategy. An uptick in default rates calls for keener risk assessment. Regulators want to see progress toward financial inclusion and continued monitoring of portfolio performance.

It’s hard to achieve the right balance of growth, risk mitigation and compliance while maintaining an edge over aggressive competitors. To win in this environment, must look at credit portfolio management through an enhanced lens that yields unique insights about the life event triggers that affect your portfolio over time.

Credit history alone isn’t enough to work through these dynamics. Its past data; not intuitive enough by itself to detect predictive patterns. And, it doesn’t provide comprehensive coverage. You might need insight into:

  • Liens, judgments and bankruptcies
  • Address changes that could potentially indicate a change in economic stability
  • New assets New UCC filings or other public filings

Go beyond traditional credit bureau data with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions alternative data.

With LexisNexis® alternative data, access critical information that can improve your picture of risk. Paired with our patented linking technology and a “big data” processing platform to piece together disparate data sets, you can match all relevant attributes to an individual or business as a unique LexID®. Create a current picture of the consumer or business—and build a strategy to effectively respond.

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