A unified understanding of the customer leads to better decisions.

Multiple, concurrent and often competitive initiatives only succeed when they start from the same place.

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Bridge the gaps, and extract more value from customer data.

 When you don’t have a single view of the customer, you do things like send “new customer” offers to existing customers. Or have multiple people calling multiple times on multiple accounts to collect from the same individual. You can’t get a clear picture of all the distinct relationships you have within a single business customer. These data-driven mistakes damage customer relationships, tarnish your company’s reputation and may violate compliance — while driving up costs and wasting resources.

A proactive, enterprise-level approach to linking and managing data not only creates a comprehensive, single view of the customer. It also sets the stage for customer data to become a value driver across your organization. A single view of the customer enhances risk modeling and analytics. It also improves the customer experience, streamlines operations and boosts marketing ROI.

Create a single view of the customer through a proactive, enterprise-level approach.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers a state-of-the-art customer linking solution built around patented technology that applies a persistent and consistent LexID® identifier across all data silos to:
More effectively identify duplicates for a 360-degree customer view
Present a unified front to your customers
Breeze through compliance checklists
Ensure smooth, cohesive operations with effective data matching capabilities

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