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We’re enhancing manual review and fraud investigations with solutions that resolve false positives, boost efficiency and ensure compliance.

Manual Review and Fraud Investigations


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We can solve your biggest fraud management challenges.

By the time a suspicious transaction reaches manual review, valuable time has passed. If the transaction is indeed fraudulent, there are likely more victims. But even worse, if the alert is a false positive, your valued customer has had their transaction flagged, suspended and possibly denied. At that point, “customer experience” is a false promise and you’ve left money on the table. Fraud investigations are time-consuming and expensive. You may be tempted to rely on free tools to cut costs—but free data is often low quality, may be outdated, and requires searching through multiple databases and information sources. This wastes time and leads to missed connections that could have a critical impact on the outcome of your investigations.

Resolve your manual reviews faster, with greater precision. Manage fraud investigations with a layered approach via flexible workflows geared toward the level of risk for each case.

Answer risk and identity questions quickly and easily
Keep investigations consistent and thorough with enforced search engine workflows
Reveal highly reliable intelligence to remove fraudsters and support financial restitution pursuits

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