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Maximize Customer Acquisition Speed with More Efficient Investigations

The efficiency and accuracy of fraud reviews and investigations impacts bottom-line revenues and your ability to build lasting customer relationships. Miss a chance to detect and prevent fraud and you’ve opened your business to damaging losses. Mistakenly delay a trusted transaction, and you’ve closed the opportunity to capitalize on a valuable customer interaction — possibly for good.

66% of customers won’t return to a business after being falsely identified as a fraudster.1

Can you keep fraud reviews and investigations in efficient motion and effectively mitigate fraud threats without marginalizing the customer experience?

Dissatisfied customers typically tell nine to fifteen others about their experience with 67% actively dissuading others and 42% sharing on their social media channels.2
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Learn How to Make Smarter Identity Decisions

Establish a true digital identity with combined digital and physical attributes — LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix. 

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps optimize fraud investigation and prevention outcomes with intuitive, user-friendly fraud detection tools that enable your business to:

Speedier research and investigations  Increase research and investigation speed 

 Reduced handling times
 Reduce handling time and quickly resolve customer/agent interactions

 Customer acquisition rate increase
 Improve customer acquisition rates and simplify account management
Minimize manual reviews and false positive delays   Minimize manual reviews and false positive delays

 Decrease fraud investigation costs
 Decrease fraud investigation costs

 Strengthen customer experiences
 Strengthen customer experiences and control friction

Our fraud investigation solutions combine comprehensive, current consumer and business information with advanced analytics and industry-proven linking capabilities to distill disparate data into actionable intelligence. This fuels faster, more well-informed decisions across critical fraud and identity management workflows. We connect your business to smarter, easy-to-interpret transaction fraud detection tools that can be utilized at the frontline call center level or within more extensive investigations to speed decision-making and support outcomes that protect against fraud and preserve customer experiences.

Improve Fraud Research Efficiency with Purpose-Built Usability 

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Inefficient fraud investigation and research workflows interrupt customer acquisition, impact revenue streams and erode profitability. Decreased manual review times, false positives and customer attrition improves the bottom line.

More transactions are being reviewed than necessary. Merchants report accepting 82% of orders after a review.3

Our transaction fraud detection tools support easier day-to-day fraud and identity management workflows and eliminate delays between searches to simplify manual reviews and streamline fraud investigations. Optimize and organize fraud research and investigations with features that help:

  • Support streamlined investigations
  • Identify and prioritize reviews of high-risk subjects
  • Illustrate results in easy-to-interpret reports
  • Provide actionable insights at a 5x greater performance rate vs. manual processing
  • Document and store research results for future review or audit

Fraud investigation solutions with extensive administrative capabilities further hone the user experience and helps focus your research and investigation team on searches specific to their job requirements. Control exposure to fraud and limit research delays and ambiguity with customizable, flexible views. Facilitate a tailored end-user experience that reduces resources, speeds investigation results and improves customer experience.

Our new product, LexisNexis® Automated Risk Assessment offers an immediately deployable, codeless solution that can automate and streamline your due diligence and fraud investigation processes.

LexisNexis Automated Risk Assessment supports your most critical fraud and FCC use cases:

  • Call Center Authentication
  • New Account Opening, Customer Identification Program (CIP)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

Efficiently Combat Every Type of Fraud Across Every Transaction Channel

More ways for customers to interact and transact with your business translates into more opportunities for well-networked fraudsters to infiltrate your customer ecosystem.

61% of transactions now come from a mobile device.4

The largest individual cybercrime network we analyzed in 2019 spanned six countries, included all three core industries (financial services, e-commerce and media) and resulted in $12.5M exposed to fraud in one month.

Our fraud prevention and investigation tools arm your business with relevant investigative intelligence to target every type of fraud across every stage of the customer journey. Our fraud investigation solutions easily facilitate multiple investigations in parallel. This helps you preserve research continuity to enable your business to quickly identify and investigate multiple types of fraud across multiple customer access points: digital, mobile, via phone, in-person and more. We connect expansive, up-to-date consumer and business information into more usable decision-making insights to help your business quickly identify and deflect fraud threats ranging from account creation fraud, application fraud and mobile app registration attacks to account takeover fraud, corporate fraud and payment fraud risks.

Accelerate the Answers You Need to Protect Against Fraud and Prioritize Customer Acquisition

Your fraud review and investigations workflows need to be efficient enough to add value to key customer acquisition and account management workflows and effective enough to proactively prevent varying networked fraud attempts. Our fraud prevention and investigation solutions seamlessly connect your business to comprehensive risk intelligence, advanced analytics and intuitive decisioning tools so you can quickly answer identity questions and confidently resolve fraud reviews. Support topline growth and deliver bottom-line savings with intelligent transaction fraud detection tools designed to streamline day-to-day workflows and optimize fraud review and investigation outcomes.

Contact us today to learn more about our powerful fraud investigation solutions.

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Increasing customer acquisition through improved fraud detection

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