Unemployment agencies shouldn’t have to compromise program security to process claims faster.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is actively helping customers stop fraud and improper payments while quickly and effectively processing claims.

Unemployment Insurance

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Identity Assessment & Assurance and Fraud Detection & Prevention Solutions for Unemployment Insurance.

Time for a New Approach to Identity Proofing and Verification

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Identity Assessment & Assurance capabilities start with combining both physical and digital identity elements of an individual that are expansive and high-quality leveraging our more than 10,000 identity data sources, billions of relationships, and digital identity intelligence in the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network®. This robust data is linked using our proprietary linking technology and patented unique identifier – LexID® – to resolve and match multiple records to one individual.

This up-front identity verification solution is a measure to lock in place for several very important reasons:

  • Prevents identity theft and minimizes downstream manual investigations and monetary losses.
  • Helps streamline unemployment benefit claim submissions.
  • Provides citizens a friction-less experience with your agency, and gives them confidence in the effectiveness of the system and delivery of their unemployment benefits.
  • Enables efficiencies for staff working overtime to review and certify claims, and reduces workflow disruption for seamless delivery of unemployment compensation.
While it’s nearly impossible to stop all scams from occurring within at the front door, it’s critical to have access to data analytics tools and investigative resources to keep an eye on claimants and employers, and flag risky behaviors and trends to identify sophisticated unemployment insurance (UI) schemes during COVID-19 and beyond.
The reality of challenges departments of labor face are often overlooked in the public. Many agencies are working with significant resource limitations, operating with legacy tools and manual processes that don’t live up to the expectations of a modern, digitally driven world. Data breaches have compromised the identities of millions of Americans, and criminals have honed their impersonation skills. This makes identity proofing and verification more complex and increases customer friction as more scrutiny is applied. Additionally, individuals are filing for unemployment insurance (UI) claims across multiple states, unknowingly or on purpose – possibly under a different name. Tracing this history across agencies often delays the process.
Benefit caseloads can quickly multiply. 2019 marked the fifth consecutive year that the U.S. suffered 10 or more billion-dollar climate-related disaster events. Job losses in the manufacturing and automotive sectors nearly doubled in the first nine months of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018. Sudden economic disruptions can bring an influx of demand for assistance, straining already tight infrastructure. And, on top of that, the COVID-19 crisis has crystallized how quickly the demand for public services can escalate and strain resources. In just two months, employment in the U.S. went from a 50-year unemployment low of 3.5% to a 14.7% surge in jobless Americans – the highest since the Great Depression.
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Fraud Detection & Prevention

Strengthen fraud protection by defending against identity based threats to ensure benefits only go to eligible citizens.

Identity Verification

Leverage one of the largest compilations of consumer and business identity intelligence, covering 95% of the U.S. adult population—including people with limited or no credit histories.

Digital Identity Assessment

Defend your agency from fraud but at the same time deliver a frictionless onboarding and authentication experience to citizens.

Insights and Resources

Case Study

Real-World Examples Uncovering Fraud Patterns in Unemployment Insurance

Agencies require outside help to uncover fraudulent transactions …
Detect Fraudulent Claims and Recover Payments with LexisNexis Risk Solutions Payment Protection Analyzer

Detect Fraudulent Claims and Recover Payments with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Program Participation Analyzer

Increase control and visibility over issuance of Unemployment benefits
2019 Unemployment Insurance Survey

2019 Unemployment Insurance Survey

Software improves efficiency and effectiveness of fraud discovery processes.

A Surge in Claims: How to ensure friction-less services and reduce post-recovery fraud clean-up

Watch this on demand webinar to learn about a fast and secure way to handle remote claimant identity verification to ensure correct benefits go to the correct people, and detect and prevent improper payments.

Special Investigations Unit: Research, Analysis and Case Assistance

The SIU works directly with our Health, Human and Social Services customers to analyze data, find patterns and leverage the full suite of LexisNexis offerings to assist in identifying risk and possible identity theft.

Solving the Improper Payment Problem

Dual participation in public assistance programs, which include Medicaid and SNAP, has been a long-standing and costly problem that can now often be fixed by deploying today’s new technology.

Expert Q&A: Assisting Public Assistance

Advanced technology helps to cut billions in “dual participation” losses.

Why are some states handling unemployment fraud better than others during COVID-19?

There seems to be a lot of activity around identity fraud in the unemployment insurance (UI) space; and for good reason as COVID has brought out fraudsters in droves.
Customer Success Story

Tennessee Reduces Improper Unemployment Payments through Data and Determination

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development implemented technology solutions to help mitigate improper unemployment insurance payouts.

Florida Department of Children and Families stops fraud and saves $1 billion with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

This on-demand Identity Management webinar shares insight on how your agency can prevent fraud, increase program efficiency, and ensure the right individuals receive the benefits they deserve.
2019 Unemployment Insurance Survey
Tip Sheet

Five Tips for a Stronger Defense Against Identity-Based Threats

How to Protect Government Programs from Identity Fraud
White Paper

The Right Identity Strategy for Public Healthcare and Social Services

This is bigger than data. This is well-being.
Tip Sheet

Three Trends in Fraudulent Identity Transactions and How (Not) to Combat Them

Insights from the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Special Investigations Unit (SIU).
News Article

TN Department of Labor investigates thousands of unemployment fraud claims with LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development has implemented LexisNexis InstantID from LexisNexis Risk Solutions as an added measure to prevent people from fraudulently applying for unemployment benefits.

Identity Intelligence: An enabler to fighting fraud and serving the public during COVID-19

On-Demand virtual panel discussion where LexisNexis® Risk Solutions experts and former government program integrity leaders discuss the challenges they are seeing in Government right now.

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