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We Deliver Customized Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Healthcare Consulting and Advisory Services support healthcare clients with expert consultation and custom data insights to reduce operational complexity and tackle compliance and regulatory challenges when implementing our data, analytics and insights into existing workflows and systems.

The continuous change of market dynamics, consumer demands, and regulatory conditions increases complexity across healthcare. LexisNexis Risk Solutions consulting brings distinctive and relevant insights to all healthcare stakeholders backed by decades of industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and proprietary data models. Our healthcare consulting services help customers understand how our data and analytics can deliver insights to their business.

Our consulting team works with clients to develop customized data solutions and reporting based on business needs. Our team works with clients to integrate our data insights and analytics into your daily workflows, resulting in faster value realization for your organization.

healthcare consulting

Who Can Benefit from Healthcare Consulting?


Whether a hospital system is integrating SDOH data into an EHR, or leveraging claims data to expand their service lines, our consultants work hand-in-hand with your teams to maximize your data and technology investments. We also work with your teams on custom data extractions and analytics to deliver more insights that inform your most strategic decisions. Our consultants work with a myriad of provider organizations to fully integrate our data into their workflow to develop actionable insights that can help improve delivery of care and operational efficiency. Our expertise ensures that provider organizations get the critical insights and perspectives needed to deliver the right care at the right time.


Healthcare payers are constantly challenged by complex processes, compliance regulations, and increasing member attrition due to competition. Our consulting services enable healthcare payers to take control of plan management and ensure compliance with regulations like the 21st Century Cures Act for seamless and secure access, exchange, and use of electronic health information. Our consulting expertise can help payers customize our data to address their critical business needs, such as meeting industry interoperability requirements, analyzing market opportunities for provider network optimization (adding or incenting high-performing providers and dropping underperforming providers), or assessing member population needs via detailed analytics to promote health equity across their networks.

Life Sciences

Rules of sustainability and profitability are perpetually changing, making medical research and drug/device development more crucial now than ever before. LexisNexis Risk Solutions consultants work with medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to develop, test, and implement innovations to reduce operational risks and expenses in product development and product commercialization. Customers can leverage customized analysis of the largest commercially available practitioner-level medical claims database, integrating those insights into enterprise solutions for their business.

Our data can help shorten research and development time and bring meaningful information into business planning processes. LexisNexis Risk Solutions Healthcare Consulting Services can help organizations integrate their data accurately and efficiently into operational workflows enabling organizations with strategic data-driven insights.


Personalized patient care, efficiency, and compliance are among the key priorities of retail and specialty pharmacies, as well as pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) today. LexisNexis Risk Solutions provides data expertise and consulting services for pharmacies and PBMs tailored to help improve operational efficiencies, bolster regulatory compliance and enhance revenue growth.

Healthcare Management Strategy

Reimagining the Patient Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated trends in retail health care, patient transparency, telehealth, and digital health with a heightened focus on the patient experience. This work involves identifying accurate operating models, technology, culture, and data to deliver efficient care. Our consulting services combine trend analysis and data science expertise to integrate solution-focused strategies to help any healthcare organization optimize the patient experience.

Operational Transformation

Applying critical data-driven insights in constantly evolving markets can help prepare healthcare organizations to stay competitive, efficient and focused on building long term growth. LexisNexis Risk Solutions Healthcare Consulting and Advisory Services can help deliver more clarity and confidence when integrating our data into your organization's existing workflows to deliver actionable insights.

Why Choose Consulting from LexisNexis Risk Solutions?

healthcare consulting

High-impact Healthcare Consulting

LexisNexis Healthcare Advisory Services consists of data scientists and industry experts to help unlock additional value in our data and analytics.

Our in-depth consulting expertise spans both private and public health sectors. Our consultants are experts both in the data and analytics we offer and in the markets we serve across the healthcare ecosystem. We blend the knowledge of our data with an understanding of the challenges our customers face to ensure implementation success and speed to value.
healthcare consulting

Design and Deliver Custom Data Solutions

Our consultants bring years of expertise in blending CMS and commercial claims data together to deliver custom insights to customers. They have implemented custom solutions for clients across all facets of healthcare – life sciences, providers, payers and healthcare IT companies, driving business success in each engagement. We work hand-in-hand with customers to help them fine tune their strategies around market share modeling, applying enhanced claims analytics, and navigating coordinated systems of care.
healthcare consulting

Insight-driven Consultations

Insights are the foundation of our innovation-led approach that aims to make healthcare management more effective and efficient.

A LexisNexis healthcare consultant combines applicable data science with real-world industry experience, enabling more profound insights and delivering innovative healthcare data solutions.

Healthcare Consulting Packages

healthcare consultingThe LexisNexis Consulting Services and Premium Support Packages help take the guesswork out of how to optimize key data and insights to improve performance. Our consulting packages and customized reports deliver trend analysis to help your business identify opportunities for growth. They also help your organization optimize existing processes and deliver insights to help minimize compliance risk. These packages come with detailed analysis of client-specific use cases, including:

  • Consulting Insights: Develop data management processes and configurations that work to support your business needs.
  • Operational Performance: A consultative review of data application and integration into your workflow to identify additional best practices. This may include a review of your data input/output report and elements including trending of current decisioning with additional actionable insights.
  • Business Process Optimization: Review your current environment, risk and compliance needs, and data processes to identify improvement opportunities and develop a plan to optimize effective data integration.

Get in touch with an expert LexisNexis Risk Solutions healthcare consultant to learn more.

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How We Serve Healthcare Organizations

By Market

healthcare payerhealthcare payer


Improve data quality and member engagement for health plans.
healthcare providerhealthcare provider


Manage patient and provider data, and identify market opportunities.


Validate prescriptions, protect patient privacy, and reduce risk exposure.
life scienceslife sciences

Life Sciences

Support commercial success and increased sales across all sectors.
health ithealth it

Health IT

Enhance your platforms and software with data, analytics and insights.

By Use Case

patient engagementpatient engagement

Patient Engagement

Improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction, and reduce costs.
data securitydata security

Data Security & Access Management

Ensure the right people have access to the right systems and data.
provider data qualityprovider data quality

Provider Data Quality

Increase revenue growth, and improve workflows and patient outcomes.
provider network managementprovider network management

Provider Network Management & Targeting

Improve operational efficiency and anticipate changing market dynamics.
healthcare compliancehealthcare compliance

Healthcare Compliance

Stay compliant with federal, state and industry guidelines.

identity access managementidentity access management

Identity Access Management

Authenticate identities in real-time with minimal friction.
social determinants of healthsocial determinants of health

Social Determinants of Health

Gain insight into community and environmental factors that impact individual health risks.
healthcare interoperabilityhealthcare interoperability

Healthcare Interoperability

Access enriched patient health data from FHIR-enabled patient access APIs.
healthcare tokenizationhealthcare tokenization

Healthcare Tokenization

Enable matching and linking of patient data, making real world data accessible.

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