Gain insight into opportunities
to expand provider networks
and diversify offerings.

Provider Network Management & Targeting


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Improve operational efficiency and anticipate changing market dynamics
with access to best-in-class provider data and market intelligence for
provider network management and targeting.

Provider network management and targeting solutions from LexisNexis Risk Solutions can help healthcare organizations analyze the healthcare market and streamline a number of processes, including:

Provider Targeting and Recruitment

Network Analysis and Management

Research and Development

Sales and Marketing

Price Transparency and Rate Negotiation

Market Intelligence and Business Expansion

Strategic Planning and Regulatory Compliance

Every type of business across the healthcare ecosystem can benefit from claims analytics, network, and data management.

Provider Targeting

provider network managementWith LexisNexis MarketView, healthcare businesses can leverage claims intelligence to gain a 360 degree understanding of physician practicing behaviors. Through MarketView’s claims intelligence, sales reps are able to quickly gather field intelligence to enhance provider outreach, accelerating the sales process. Access to LexisNexis data help organizations operate more efficiently, insuring that sales and marketing achieve success through data and insights.

Healthcare organizations can gain an additional layer of intelligence by adding claims volume insights to IDN, ACO, and GPO relationship hierarchies. This combined intelligence helps provide an additional layer of accuracy to quickly evaluate the overall value of these healthcare organizations.

Provider Referral Analysis

provider network managementMarketView connects data from multiple claims sources to provide unparalleled insights into provider relationships, physician referral patterns, market influencers, patient care teams, and the quality of clinically integrated networks.

As a result, customers are able to focus outreach efforts on high-value providers and gain a better understanding of the physician relationships that influence referrals in and out of network. MarketView can provide actionable insights into how high-volume providers split their time across facilities.

This analysis enables healthcare organizations to identify the prime candidates for expansion. Understanding where patient leakage happens can help organizations as they identify and implement strategies to minimize out-of-network referrals.

LexisNexis MarketView Enables Provider Network Management and Targeting

LexisNexis provider network management and targeting solutions provide insights into opportunities to expand provider networks and diversify product offerings. Patient volume, provider network and reimbursement insights empower healthcare organizations as they assess new markets for expansion. As organizations seek to bring new practitioners within network, MarketView can identify high value providers for network acquisition, give insights into key provider specialties for product expansion, and evaluate provider presence in new geographies under consideration.

When claims intelligence from MarketView is used together with LexisNexis Provider Data MasterFile, healthcare organizations can achieve commercial success by enhancing their provider network management and targeting. Contact us today to find out more.

Provider Reimbursement Insights

MarketView’s reimbursement solution helps organizations expand their understanding of ROI, competitive pricing and rate negotiation, contracting models, market saturation, and workload.

Healthcare organizations can use these insights to identify and inform new product development and pricing, opportunities for network optimization and expanded service offerings. It can also help conduct market assessments and provide competitive business intelligence.

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Data solutions help plans ensure the right people receive the right care by the right provider at the right cost.


Data management and intelligence solutions improve market share, reduce risk and safeguard patient identities.


Data, analytics and prescriber verification solutions ensure pharmacies identify ways to reduce fraud and expand market penetration.

Life Sciences

Data management and market intelligence solutions offer life sciences organizations a healthy market advantage.
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