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Integrate a Proven Capability for Stronger Authentication

The acceleration of remote healthcare in a post-COVID world has brought with it the risk of data breaches and the need for enhanced access management and data security.

Patients benefit from the convenience of engaging with their healthcare using multiple channels and devices. They expect all channels to connect seamlessly, allowing them to access personal health information, schedule appointments, vaccinations and screenings, communicate with their provider, refill prescriptions, check lab results and transfer health records. But omni-channel accessibility presents a challenge to healthcare organizations: How can they authenticate identities to defend against account takeover and other types of fraud without creating a negative experience for the patient?
Hospitals, pharmacies, providers, labs and health insurance companies deal with limited resources to manage massive amounts of healthcare records and systems without compromising security. In addition, with more providers and patients relying on technology to access and maintain healthcare records, the chances of a breach from poor identity access management protocols have become much more prominent. Low security that doesn’t address both digital and physical identity at every access point runs the risk of breach. But increased security layers can have a negative impact on the patient experience.
identity access management

Securing Identity Access for Healthcare

identity access management Leading healthcare organizations understand the value of the patient experience. They want a frictionless solution that drives more powerful interactions yet does not increase their fraud risk. With better intelligence about their users, healthcare organizations can conduct real-time assessments and apply the appropriate level of authentication based on the risk presented by each individual.

While healthcare organizations need to protect patient information and secure digital entry points, it is equally essential to allow the right people to access these systems and data quickly. The need for improvised and uninterrupted workflow, coupled with the need to protect sensitive medical records, has necessitated the use of identity and access management (IAM) in healthcare.

Early adoption of robust data-driven solutions and stringent IAM protocols is the best way forward to ensure the right people have access to healthcare data without negatively impacting the patient experience.

IAM allows healthcare organizations to secure patient profile information, grant and deny user access rights, and manage better identity governance. It protects sensitive data within the system and validates an individual’s role for access to that data. It identifies, authenticates and authorizes access to applications, systems, networks, and portals while understanding the individual's role (patient, health plan member, healthcare provider, employee, or vendor) in a healthcare setting.
LexisNexis® Healthcare Identity Management applies the industry’s most comprehensive identity assets with market leading identity linking and authentication to help secure common access points in any healthcare organizations’ workflows, including:

identity access management

  • Access patient/member portal
  • Locate providers and services
  • Schedule appointments
  • Get answers to coverage questions
  • Complete and update paperwork

identity access management

  • View medical records and lab results
  • Schedule appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • Update paperwork
  • Track claims and account activity

identity access management

  • Reset user ID or password
  • Share electronic health records
  • Add or change an address, phone or email
  • Add an authorized user to an account

identity access management

  • Reset user ID or password
  • Share electronic health records
  • Add or change an address, phone or email
  • Add an authorized user to an account
  • Add additional phone number(s) or addresses to the account
  • Update profile information

identity access management

  • Investigate and confirm new provider during onboarding
  • Verify providers at several points across the account life cycle
  • Validate and confirm high-risk transactions
  • Strengthen fraud detection by verifying key identity elements
  • Reduce account takeover by leveraging the correct identity intelligence

identity access management

  • Validate and verify the identity of a business and its authorized representatives
  • Evaluate any inconsistencies across data elements that may be indicative of high-risk activity
  • Drive faster decisions and streamline compliance requirements

LexisNexis® Healthcare Identity Management offers a wide range of identity management solutions that are NIST IAL2 compliant. It can be integrated seamlessly into patient portals and electronic health records (EHR), providing the necessary layers of cyber security that will ensure secure account setup, access control, and user access management.

Benefits of LexisNexis Healthcare Identity Management

Authenticates Identities in Real-time and Reduces Human Error

identity access managementHuman error accounts for a significant part of security failures and data discrepancies. With our Healthcare Identity Management solution, your organization can authenticate identities automatically in real-time with minimal friction to identify data breach risks while mitigating the potential for human error to be the cause of unauthorized account access. 

In addition, our robust decision engine provides insights from billions of proprietary data points combined with analytics to make your IAM program efficient without compromising on the user experience.

Integrates with Existing Identity Access Management (IAM) Platforms

identity access managementThe Healthcare Identity Management solution is complementary to and can augment any healthcare organization’s end-to-end IAM infrastructure. It helps care providers ensure “better access” to account information and allows the enterprise to manage access across role-based identities.

So, whether access requests are made from within the organization, such as in a call center setting, or they originate from outside the organization via a patient or member log in, it delivers the security and authentication needed to optimize identity management.

Minimizes Impact & Optimizes Clinical Workflow

identity access managementHealthcare Identity Management provides a full range of tools that allow an enterprise to manage access across role-based identities. This allows for a seamless user experience that can authenticate users and allow or deny account access based on parameters set by your organization. It also supports account access with additional security features such as single sign-on (SSO) and one-time password (OTP) to balance frictionless data access with the appropriate security protocols.

Optimizes the Patient Journey

identity access managementPatients want the ability to interact with their healthcare how and when they want. That means every step of their journey is critical to creating a positive experience.

Easy, secure interactions make it more likely they’ll adopt patient portals, become more engaged with their care—which has better outcomes—and be more satisfied with their care because they are a part of the team.

Ensure Compliance with Regulatory and Legal Requirements with Easy Digital Access 

identity access managementHealthcare providers must adhere to a range of regulatory and legal requirements as part of their operations. For instance, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) lays out strict protocols for protecting health information and identifying resources and protocols for access management.

LexisNexis Multi-Factor Authentication solutions provide account access using procedures such as single sign-on and OTP on physicians' digital devices, creating the intended balance between streamlined data access and HIPAA-protected data with appropriate security measures. 

It also provides essential job roles-based authentication control to safely and securely access employee portals in the office and remote work environments.

Our identity management solutions can be integrated seamlessly with existing patient portals access management and electronic health records, ensuring enhanced interoperability and better patient engagement. This integration gives healthcare organizations the ability to leverage a global, cross industry contributory network which allows customers to identify a fraudulent device or transaction almost immediately. Not only do our solutions protect patient data, but they also protect internal systems from ransomware, BOT attacks and malware.

Safeguard Patient Information with Robust Healthcare Identity & Access Management

identity access managementAs a security measure, IAM allows privileged access management to the right resources for the right reasons at the right time, making it an essential element of data security for healthcare providers across the globe. It can also act as a foundation for zero-trust security architecture and the first step in curbing the industry's increasing rate of data thefts.

Patients expect their data to remain confidential. Security protocols should not affect a positive patient experience. Healthcare organizations need to easily authenticate the physical and digital identity of individuals attempting to access patient data – is this person who they say they are and is the device they are using one they have previously used to access their information? These types of safeguards ensure proper access across systems, in-person and virtually.

The Healthcare Identity Management solution leverages device assessment capabilities paired with behavioral biometrics to ensure that the device used and the resource requesting access to the data is legitimate.

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Access enriched patient health data from FHIR-enabled patient access APIs.
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