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The Importance of Accurate Provider Data

It's not enough for healthcare organizations to simply store provider data; it must be accurate and complete. Sound practices around provider data quality is part of operational management. Part of this management includes provider directories that are an invaluable resource to your network.

Inaccurate provider data can lead to poor patient access, government sanctions, reduction in profits, and inefficient business operations. This can also lead to gaps in care due to untimely communications between patient and physician. 

Accurate and complete provider data can offer organizations the opportunity for increased revenue growth, improved workflows and better patient outcomes.

An analysis of the healthcare industry has revealed:

Lack of Communication

An estimated 40 percent of healthcare provider records have missing or outdated information that results in inefficient patient and physician communication.

Unreliable Contact Info

Around 2.4 percent of provider demographics change on at least a monthly basis.

Changing Relationships

Approximately one-third of doctors change affiliations each year. As a result, businesses holding poor data increase their recruitment costs with wasted human resource time, poor targeting, and lack of background information, to name a few.


Bad data can have a devastating impact on a business' turnovers and can result in anywhere between 10 and 30 percent of lost revenue.

How Cleansing and Augmenting Provider Data Helps Healthcare Organizations

Cleansing and proactively maintaining accurate provider information can introduce a range of operational efficiencies which have the potential to translate into substantial revenue each year.

Updated and accurate data improves compliance with CMS and other regulations pertaining to provider data quality. Augmented and cleansed provider data lowers the compliance risks of inaccurate data and wasteful campaigns, field calls and other targeting that can negatively impact your revenue.

Lastly, accurate provider data improves communication, creates operational efficiencies and enhances care coordination to improve the patient experience and overall care.

provider data quality

How LexisNexis Ensures Provider Data Quality and Accuracy

LexisNexis data solutions can be integrated into existing workflows to enhance provider data quality while improving operational efficiency, coordinated care, and patient satisfaction while maximizing cost savings.

We offer two solutions to help your healthcare business enhance its provider data quality.

LexisNexis Provider Data MasterFile™ provides healthcare organizations with complete, current, and comprehensive provider data that can transform their network management. It is the gold standard for provider information and benefits from our data governance standards so you can make decisions with confidence.

Accurate provider data allows healthcare businesses to have a complete view of more than 8.5 million U.S. healthcare practitioners and 1 million organizations. Provider Data MasterFile™ can also fulfill regulatory requirements like those from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

LexisNexis ProviderPoint® equips businesses with real-time notifications of critical issues with providers or contracts, allowing for immediate action and improved compliance. The healthcare organization’s provider file is augmented with additional data attributes based on the business rules and requirements.

After those rules are applied, ProviderPoint delivers a 'golden record' of information, along with integration codes and recommended action steps. This solution allows for customized file formatting that allows users to automate information updates.

How We Serve Healthcare Organizations

By Market

healthcare payerhealthcare payer


Improve data quality and member engagement for health plans.

healthcare providerhealthcare provider


Manage patient and provider data, and identify market opportunities.



Validate prescriptions, protect patient privacy, and reduce risk exposure.

life scienceslife sciences

Life Sciences

Support commercial success and increased sales across all sectors.

health ithealth it

Health IT

Enhance your platforms and software with data, analytics and insights.

By Use Case

patient engagementpatient engagement

Patient Engagement

Improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction, and reduce costs.

data securitydata security

Data Security & Access Management

Ensure the right people have access to the right systems and data.

provider network managementprovider network management

Provider Network Management & Targeting

Improve operational efficiency and anticipate changing market dynamics.

healthcare compliancehealthcare compliance

Healthcare Compliance

Stay compliant with federal, state and industry guidelines.

identity access managementidentity access management

Identity Access Management

Authenticate identities in real-time with minimal friction.

social determinants of healthsocial determinants of health

Social Determinants of Health

Gain insight into community and environmental factors that impact individual health risks.

healthcare consultinghealthcare consulting

Healthcare Consulting

Optimize data insights for a quicker realization of value.

healthcare interoperabilityhealthcare interoperability

Healthcare Interoperability

Access enriched patient health data from FHIR-enabled patient access APIs.
healthcare tokenizationhealthcare tokenization

Healthcare Tokenization

Enable matching and linking of patient data, making real world data accessible.
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