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Unwinding the Public Health Emergency

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Unprecedented Challenges Require Medicaid Organizations to Look Outside their Data

As the Public Health Emergency (PHE) extends, agencies' data sources will grow increasingly outdated — more people are getting back to work, moving, and experiencing life changes that impact their data. 

How serious is the problem? It’s not only about state agencies handling the increased volume of work. Inaccurate data can cause critical issues. Something as basic as an out-of-date mailing address could put vulnerable individuals like seniors, children and the disabled at risk of losing coverage. And incorrect data required for eligibility determination could result in wasted benefit dollars.  Updating records isn’t easy for state agencies. They have limited data views and, in relying solely on their internal sources, are missing critical context.

It’s more important than ever to update current data and have a plan in place to update it when the PHE emergency ends. To inform Unwinding decisions, they need real-world data from alternative sources to better understand each individual and enrollee.  Alternative data sources are the key for agencies to truly understand the people they serve. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions brings more than 10,000+ sources of individual level public records and credit-based data to provide deeper insight and precision into understanding each individual and enrollee. 

Leveraging LexisNexis® AmplifyID™ for Unwinding greatly simplifies revalidations. Speed and ease of use are critical for Medicaid state agencies, particularly as Unwinding overlaps with regular processing of new applications and increased program rolls. 

Simplify recertification of Medicaid benefits as the Public Health Emergency comes to a close. AmplifyID uses alternate data sources to help identify those in need of continuous care, cleanse and update existing data, and provide key eligibility information.

Find out how LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and AmplifyID for Unwinding can help your agency address Medicaid Unwinding challenges. Download our tip sheet today!

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