Contact Tracing: The first step to reopening America

A Model for Public Health Agencies to Fight COVID-19.

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As outlined in the White House’s Opening up America Again Guidelines, States have several responsibilities to ensure they satisfy specific gating and health criteria necessary to reopening businesses and schools. The ability to trace contacts is a critical component of the transition because it allows public health agencies to effectively and efficiently contact individuals with symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID+ results which is key to stopping the spread.

States Implement LexisNexis Risk Solutions Contact Tracing to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

Our reliable and adequate contact detection capabilities, backed by our expansive library of public records, are helping state and county health departments trace contacts for a large number of individuals diagnosed with the Novel Coronavirus with three key areas of focus in mind.

  1. Key contact details: For effective contact search of individuals with COVID-19, public health agencies require accurate identity and address information, as well as up-to-date phone numbers and e-mail addresses to assist in their outreach to affected individuals and their community.
  2. Relatives, associates and neighbors: It is critical to stop the spread of the virus of COVID-19 by determining and contacting infected individuals’ connections – relatives, associates, and neighbors. This action also allows agencies to further educate the population, and enables early intervention for treatment before symptoms arise or worsen.
  3. Impact analysis: A key analysis around how socioeconomic data impact the effects of COVID-19 is critical for continued research purposes and monitoring of the disease over time to identify and prevent future virus outbreaks.

This analysis is performed by appending race and ethnicity, median house hold income with driver’s license, voter registration and Census data. This is one example of an effective workflow but there are many options available to suit various needs. Any of these solutions can be quickly implemented for agency use to boost the fight against COVID-19 pandemic and reopen local economies across America.

About LexisNexis Risk Solutions People Locator Solutions

LexisNexis Risk Solutions is uniquely positioned to help public health agencies identify and locate individuals who may be at risk of infectious diseases by providing innovative public records and people locator solutions to assist with targeted and focused information delivery services. Agencies can obtain contact information on relatives, household members, and associates of suspected infected individuals to help identify the potential infection network. LexisNexis Risk Solutions can also apply other advanced analytics and access to expertise to enhance your mitigation efforts. We provide the world’s largest collection of public records from over 10,000 sources. Each of our solutions are powered by our LexID® patented identity resolution technology – used by nearly every major United States federal government agency, including the CDC, as well as agencies in every state. Our ability to connect data behind-the-scenes results in faster, more reliable search results, and a 97.3% linking accuracy means that agencies receive the data it needs to help locate individuals such as associated relatives, household members, or healthcare providers.

The Empty Promises of Other Solutions

Be careful. Other solutions may claim to incorporate public records data, however they typically use a limited number of sources, such as utility and telecommunications data, or they draw upon only one bureau’s credit data; these sources do not always include unbanked or underbanked populations, which are not excluded from contracting infectious diseases.

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To get a closer look at how LexisNexis Risk Solutions Contact Tracing works for our Public Health customers, watch this free 15 minute recording of our latest webinar, Get Immediate Access to Thousands of Data Sources to Help You Help Affected People.

Check out the LexisNexis Risk Solutions COVID-19 Data Resource Center to gain further insights on at-risk populations.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions COVID-19 Data Resource Center Map
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