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Instantly authenticate and score user devices. 

With 90% of the world population owning mobile phones[1], digital device usage and transactions are at an all time high. This increased online activity has exposed organizations to security vulnerabilities and fueled an onslaught of cyber criminals with evolving fraud techniques. 

The pressure to increase security and prevent fraud while maintaining an efficient, non-obtrusive customer experience has necessitated a multi-layered, risk-based approach to identity verification. The logical first step of a multi-layer identity verification strategy is to assess the device being used.

LexisNexis® Device Assessment provides a strong first layer of fraud defense and detailed visibility into user activities across all digital interactions and devices in real time. Leveraging the industry’s largest global device intelligence networks, Device Assessment provides:
  • A near real-time analysis and authentication of device and identity data
  • Risk scoring and response decisioning based on custom rules
  • Dynamic individualized authentication path with risk-based step-up intensity
  • Frictionless authentication for valid users


Verify Customers—Identify Fraudsters
Today’s consumers have high expectations for the security of their identity data and low tolerance for a cumbersome authentication process. Device Assessment is an ideal first layer of screening that enables organizations to enhance security and customer satisfaction simultaneously. This frontline defense solution comes fully loaded with benefits, including:

Proactive Fraud Reduction
  • Mitigate fraud before it happens
  • Flag stolen identities
  • Pinpoint true locations behind hidden proxies and VPNs
  • Recognize bots, malware and scripted attacks
  • Block blacklisted fraudsters
  • Enhance effectiveness of other anti-fraud tools
Valid User Recognition
  • Reduce step-up authentications
  • Increase returning device recognition
  • Reduce false positives
  • Cut manual fraud case reviews
User-Friendly Device Admin Portal
  • Easily configure device risk scores and risk ratings
  • Receive real-time email alerts
  • Queue risky transactions for manual review
Detailed Device Reporting
  • Review transactional and summary level activities
  • Monitor risk trends, score distribution, top attributes and triggered rule frequency
  • Schedule automated reporting in preset time intervals
  • Export data to create custom reports


Authenticate device user identities instantly
LexisNexis® Device Assessment was designed to perform a thorough analysis of digital devices and device user identities within milliseconds. Device Assessment encompasses:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Online web browser
  • Mobile app
Data Collection
200+ device attributes, for example:
  • Device ID
  • OS
  • Time zone
  • True IP
  • True IP Geo
  • True IP ISP (internet service provider such as dial-up services, broadband and DSL)
  • Browser language
  • Flash version
  • And many more
Data Analysis
  • LexisNexis HPCC Systems® big data technology resolving identity to a persistent LexID®
  • Single decision platform unifies identity verification, fraud analytics and consumer authentication services
  • Custom tuned business rules and reason codes
  • Risk Score: -100 to +100
  • Risk Status: High, Med, Low, Neutral, Trusted
  • Review Status: Reject, Review/Challenge, Pass
Global Coverage
Over 200 countries with 90% recognition rate

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[1] According to ThreatMetrix Digital Identities: Genuine Security for a Connected World White Paper