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Healthcare | Compliance, Customer Acquisition, Data Management
Kelly Sborlini

Vertical Market Lead, Life Sciences, Health Care, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Kelly Sborlini has extensive healthcare and life sciences industry expertise in product development, operations management, data analytics and consulting. A seasoned executive with more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare market – 18 of them in Life Sciences, she is well-known within the industry for her ability to transform healthcare organizations.

Ms. Sborlini is responsible for developing strategy and product innovations that leverage LexisNexis Health Care’s core data assets to serve the needs of the Life Sciences’ market. In this role, she keeps her pulse on the external forces driving the Life Sciences market, serving as a conduit for market intelligence with the product development organization, the sales team and the market planning organization.

Topics of Interest

Ms. Sborlini works with the Health Care team to take the breadth and depth of LexisNexis Health Care data assets and link them together to create solutions that help Life Sciences’ customers develop new life-saving medicines, therapies or treatments. She does this by applying data to Life Sciences’ business needs – whether through new product development, improving brand effectiveness or examining claims or commercial data assets to determine how those can help solve customer needs and save patient lives.

Ms. Sborlini can speak to and provide examples of the following:

  1. How transactional claims data and our systems of care analysis allows Life Sciences companies to see how physicians, facilities and systems are all interrelated; and how to work best with those players to solve market needs.
  2. The compliance landscape for the Life Sciences market, to include helping customers to understand, prepare for and execute to meet the myriad of regulations and reporting requirements related to transparency and aggregate spend.
  3. How access to accurate, complete and comprehensive provider data in real-time empowers Life Sciences companies to make sense of their business in an increasingly complex marketplace. 

She joined LexisNexis Health Care in July 2016. Ms. Sborlini earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Saint Joseph’s University and a Master of Business Administration in Health Administration from Temple University.

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