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From regulation to reputation: we address every angle of risk.

Whether you’re a banker, a buyer or a business looking for a project partner, it’s likely that small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) will play a significant role in meeting your goals. But small and mid-sized business risks are multifaceted and difficult to manage.

It's a struggle to get reliable, in-depth information. SMB data sources tend to be thin, making it hard to get a clear picture of who you’re working with and what they're up to. Moreover, regulations vary by industry, jurisdiction, and even type of project. When you can’t identify the people, side businesses, affiliations and other details related to your SMB partners — you can’t ensure you’re meeting compliance and mitigating other types of exposure.

Discover how our small and mid-size credit risk solutions help you recognize valuable opportunities and avoid risk at different stages of the customer lifecycle.

Fraud and Identity Management

Confirm the identity of a business and associated individuals to prevent fraud.

Small Business Credit Risk

Better understand the applicant’s financial standing with the help of blended commercial and individual attributes.

Small Business Due Diligence

Know more about your business relationships. Efficiently identify, assess and monitor partners throughout the lifecycle.

Vendor Risk Management

Prevent disruption to your supply chain — and your corporate image. Mitigate financial, operational, regulatory risks.

Financial Crime Compliance

Protect your business from those engaged in money laundering and other financial crimes.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions can help you avoid financial, legal and/or reputational risks.

LexisNexis® delivers broader, deeper, more reliable business intelligence on your customers at onboarding, and throughout the lifecycle. We make it easy to stay on top of risk at all stages of the lifecycle, from identifying the business and its associates at onboarding—and assessing the risk they pose—to monitoring for changes over the lifetime of the relationship.

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