Fraudsters are searching for their next payday. Don’t let it be at members’ expense.

Protect Against Fraud in All Its Forms

Retirement accounts are a lucrative target for fraudsters. Make it a hard pass.

Fraudsters are constantly devising sophisticated new schemes that exploit weak links that go unnoticed in your processes, channels and devices. We help government retirement systems agencies adopt modern fraud mitigation strategies to protect these precious assets. Our sophisticated solutions provide what you need to respond quickly to new threats and identify emerging ones.

Account takeover is rampant. Cases surged 250% from 2019 to 2020  and experts say 38% of U.S. consumers were hit during that two-year period.  Government agencies are often a prime target for fraudsters due to the amount of personal information held in systems and perceived resource limitations of public sector organizations compared to large corporations. In fact, government benefits accounted for 32% of the top five types of identity theft reported by consumers in 2020.

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Achieve These Results

To effectively suss out risky identities, you have to take a holistic view, examining the many ways people engage with your agency and the nature of transactions. There may be a log-in from an office desktop to check a balance. A sign-in from a mobile phone to change an address. A statement downloaded to a home computer. Or a phone call to a representative to ask a clarifying question.

Managing all these interactions across channels and devices can make fraud hard to spot, especially when the transactions are “faceless” and some actions (i.e., asking a question) pose more risk than others (i.e., changing a beneficiary). You need to dig in to detect and stop complex fraud attempts — but you also need to ensure trusted interactions remain effortless for both the member and your staff.

The answer? Tap into physical and digital identity intelligence that helps you understand a person and their risk in context.

The person view:

  • Leverage our massive data sets including 84 billion physical identity records from 10,000+ sources — enough to cover a person’s history over decades. Our one-of-a-kind LexID® helps bring these expansive pieces together, resolving them down to a unique identity with 99.99% precision.
  • Our identity capabilities extend to networks of individuals. Identify not only the direct “member” but also their relatives and associates — which may lead you to complex, coordinated efforts or additional risk factors that might not be apparent when looking at an identity in isolation.

The digital view:

  • The LexisNexis Digital Identity Network gives you access to shared global intelligence from over 6,000 contributing organizations across industries like financial services, e-commerce retail and telecom. It’s a front-row view of high-risk behavior happening elsewhere that may indicate a higher risk for the identity attempting to access your system.
  • Get a magnified look at the digital footprint. For example, our LexID Digital helps your agency confidently and consistently recognize a user across multiple devices, physical addresses, email addresses and more. We also have tools that shed light on location and identity cloaking services such as hidden proxies and VPNs — as well as anomalous device behaviors such as inconsistent swipe patterns, keystrokes, shortcuts and the like.

Make the insight meaningful and actionable:

  • Our robust analysis and visualization tools make sense of all the data points. See the “big picture” trends and patterns so you can address immediate risks and stay on top of emerging threats.

Omnichannel experiences are expected to be speedy and seamless. How can you make quick decisions and allow swift actions without a clear understanding of the risk? With LexisNexis Risk Solutions, you have a partner behind the scenes, ready to raise red flags. Our solutions bring identities into sharper view, while also clueing you in to risky behaviors, the presence of malware and bots and much more.

Know who you’re communicating with
Our expansive data sets, big data capabilities and powerful linking technology enable immediate intelligence on:

  • Identities
  • Connections between them
  • Associated risks

We’re able to resolve billions of records into a single identity with 99% precision. This gives you more confidence in scoring risks and determining next steps without a heavy manual lift.

Detect questionable behaviors
Advanced behavioral analytics rules give you the confidence to separate legitimate user behavior from genuine fraud. Home in on returning users who wipe cookies, use private browsing, and change other parameters to bypass traditional device fingerprinting tools.

Uncover sophisticated, tech-based schemes
We offer powerful and actionable threat detection for malware, remote access trojans (RATs), automated bot attacks, session hijacking and phished accounts. You also get the added context of global threat information such as known fraudsters and botnet participation.

Manage and mitigate threats with ease
We designed our platform and broad set of solutions to shepherd you through multi-layered, risk-based authentication and fraud mitigation. Harness digital identity intelligence enriched with machine learning to produce optimized fraud models that yield fewer false positives. Increase scrutiny and/or implement step-up measures on riskier visitors while delighting trusted members with streamlined access.

Our solutions also support stronger case management that perpetually enhances authentication and fraud decisions. Through continuous monitoring, updating and isolating transactions that require additional review, you’ll better prioritize complex caseloads with shrinking resources.

We get it. Fraud is complex and ever-evolving. Even with leading technologies and a fully staffed, well-trained department, it can be a lot to keep up with. Our team of experts stands ready to support you.

A built-in part of our Government offerings, the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Special Investigations Unit (SIU) comprises former law enforcement, national security intelligence, military intelligence and overall fraud experts who can provide real-time investigative insight and assistance in a number of areas. SIU’s customer interactions within all sectors of government provide a remarkable resource of on-the-ground intelligence on identity theft . 

Do you need help on a specific case? Have you identified a new pattern and want to see what else is out there? Wondering if there are worrisome trends in your data? Whether you’re looking to solve a puzzle, or you just want to know more about identity threats in general, ask us.

For more information about how identity management improves both security and service in government retirement systems, download our brochure.

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