Keep up with retirement system member life changes and contact data across the decades

Up-to-date Member Data for the Single Source of Truth

Member data is constantly evolving outside of your agency. Inside, make it orderly and actionable.

You can’t successfully manage a public retirement program without high quality member data. But data is messy. It may be incomplete, inconsistent and disconnected — especially when it’s being managed with legacy systems, manual data entry and limited resources. But the real challenge is that member data constantly evolves outside your purview. Address changes,  beneficiary updates and other member life changes can quickly render it out of date. You need strong data governance. That’s a core strength of LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and we can help make it yours too.
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With so many details traveling into and across your systems, how can you be certain you’ve got it right? It’s not humanly possible to watch over and validate incoming data and catch transpositions before they take up permanent residence. You may not recognize if there are missing or incomplete data points — for instance, that Jon Williams is actually Jon C. Williams Jr. 

That’s where we come in. Drawing from more than 10,000 high quality, diverse sources and our proprietary linking technology (LexID®), we’re able to cross-reference data sets against each other — resolving them down into a single, validated identity and member view. Not only that, LexID helps us surface the most confident, current version of data. If Maggie Sanchez gets married, this sophisticated linking process tells you she’s now Margaret S. Tucker. Our linking technology uses a statistically based approach that accounts for fuzzy matching, enabling us to resolve identities with over 99.99% precision.

We’re also able to help you connect the dots across multiple internal systems and databases, overcoming differences that may occur in how agency personnel input member data. For example, an address of “87th Street” versus “87th Street NW” may actually result in correspondence being sent to the wrong home. We reconcile all of the details to give you the most reliable, connected and comprehensive view of a member. 


Did you know that statistically, the databases that your agency depends on will be outdated in less than five years unless they are proactively managed? It’s a startling statistic but not a surprising one. People live dynamic lives throughout the long life of a retirement plan. . They may have changed job titles, moved or have a new marital status. Switched phone numbers or email addresses. Or made other updates that impact your program. 

Outdated member information is more than a member service gaffe. It affects your ability to perform outreach and stay compliant with program communications — and could even impact how funds are dispersed. The good news is that our solutions keep your data in good order.  

Our data sources are constantly monitored and refreshed frequently. In fact, we make more than 80 million record updates each month from public records, internal government databases, credit bureaus and alternative data sources. 

You also get the benefit of our dynamic linking process — an added step that continuously validates identity profiles and makes changes as our systems ingest new data sets and records.
Receive automatic updates. Free up your resources from chasing down member details.

Outdated identity information introduces risk into processes meant to reduce risk. The problem is compounded even further by digital interactions that camouflage illegal account access.

Our solutions help you improve risk decision-making  based on a foundation of trustworthy identity data. We complement our physical identity data with digital intelligence — information such as cell phone number, email address, IP address, location data and user device ownership. This helps reveal unusual activity and behaviors not typical of your trusted users. At the same time, you’ll enjoy a more robust view of your members — whether you connect in the physical or digital realm.

For more information about how identity management improves both security and service in government retirement systems, download our brochure.

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