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Deliver the perfect blend of real-time access and real trust.

The members accessing your retirement plans cross all generations — from elderly retirees to new employees just entering the workforce. They all have different expectations for how, when, where and why they will engage with you. But there’s one thing consistent across these groups: They’re already interacting with consumer brands that set a high bar for service. From the bank to the home improvement center, your members are experiencing more and more interactions quickly, easily and on their terms. 

As a government entity, you may not have the resources of a major financial institution or national retailer. Yet you can still safely deliver the experiences your members expect with the security needed to protect sensitive, high-value accounts. Our solutions bring both into perfect balance.
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Achieve These Results

How do you know the person presenting themselves as “Joe Smith” is the real owner of that identity? And more critically, how can you verify that in near real-time, across mobile, desktop, apps and call centers?

At LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, we specialize in helping government agencies like yours confidently confirm who is at the other end of a transaction, across all of your channels. 
We leverage physical and digital identity intelligence in tandem to quickly see if identity details map consistently to the same individual. And because people don’t typically interact in only one channel, we’re able to link a person and their activity across all touchpoints using attributes like device ownership, device history, location data, linkage to cell phone number and more. This process also assesses the risk of the identity and the device being used. 

More specifically, our big data capabilities and powerful linking technology enable you to link and cluster data into a multi-dimensional identity ecosystem for a clearer picture of the individual and their associated contacts (think relatives and associates). Our massive data resources include 84 billion physical identity records from over 10,000+ sources. We combine that heft with a cross-industry digital identity network composed of 6,000+ contributing organizations that analyzes over 36 billion transactions a year. 

Having this identity network in our toolkit helps reveal suspicious activity associated with an identity and/or device — even if it’s happening outside of government.

Moreover, because we can triangulate multiple data sources and create an expanded picture of a person, we’re able to detect subtle indicators of synthetic fraud, which is especially difficult to detect with conventional means.

Whether transacting as consumers, employees — or in this case, members, people have come to expect organizations to “meet them where they are.” LexisNexis® Risk Solutions can help you do exactly that. We make is possible to serve members through their preferred channel — a preference likely to change depending on the time and the need.

We offer a full range of identity management solutions that:
  1. help create a unified picture of identity across the omnichannel landscape
  2. enable you to securely and seamlessly assess and segment risk 
  3. all while supporting customer experience objectives.

Let’s talk about that customer experience piece, because that’s the hard part. It happens to be where we stand out. Our behind-the-scenes identity verification and authentication tools — which examine location data, IP address, device ownership and history and more — help assess an identity in the background without requiring direct inputs from the user.

You acquire actionable identity intelligence, while your members enjoy a graceful process.

What’s more, we can also help you spot suspicious activity by looking at user behaviors like private browsing, wiped cookies, and other changes that may indicate someone is attempting to bypass device fingerprinting. Known and trusted members won’t be affected.

Finally, risk management is not a one-size-fits-all formula. We designed our platform and broad set of solutions to support multi-layered, risk-based authentication that can be can dynamically adjusted based on the risk posed in different scenarios. This approach allows you to provide streamlined access for trusted members while increasing scrutiny on riskier ones. Get even more granular by mapping security measures to the risk of the identity and the risk of a particular transaction.




For more information about how identity management improves both security and service in government retirement systems, download our brochure.

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