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Prioritize Seamless Transactions and Prevent More Fraud With Fraud Detection Analytics

Five-star customer experiences start with an efficient customer acquisition workflow. To maximize revenue, you need to confidently complete identity verification and quickly book new business. To mitigate revenue losses, you need to effectively deflect complex fraud attempts without disrupting trusted transactions.

Can you efficiently capitalize on customer growth opportunities while capturing more fraud? LexisNexis® Risk Solutions delivers more inclusive and holistic fraud detection analytics solutions that support a risk-responsive identity proofing and fraud prevention workflow that enables your business to: 

  • Accelerate customer acquisition 
  • Streamline positive identification and application approval
  • Automate critical onboarding decisions
  • Detect and block complex fraud threats
  • Minimize false positive delays 
  • Mitigate revenue loss
Fraud Intelligence

Get unparalleled identity intelligence to help prevent fraud before it happens - LexisNexis® Fraud Intelligence

Learn how to identify fraudsters before they enter your system and the losses begin to mount.
Our flexible and customizable fraud detection analytics tools help your business personalize the level of authentication based on relevant risk signals and intelligence — so you can confidently defend against existing and emerging fraud trends, without adding friction to valuable customer relationships.

Differentiate Trusted Customers From True Fraud Across All Channels With a 360-Degree View of Identity

using fraud analytics to differentiate customers
Consumers are increasingly engaging with organizations through multiple channels, using multiple payment methods and devices. These evolving omni-commerce behaviors create a number of challenges as organizations strive to provide optimal, consistent and seamless customer experience across all channels with an increased exposure to risk and greater complexity around fraud management. Operating within an omni-commerce ecosystem opens ample attack vectors for well-networked cybercriminals to target your business with application fraud, synthetic identity fraud, account creation bot attacks and a growing number of increasingly sophisticated fraud schemes.

To fully maximize valuable omni-commerce revenue streams, organizations need a complete view of identity to quickly differentiate between legitimate customers and fraud attempts.  
Our fraud analytics tools incorporate and distill the relevant components of physical, digital, device, biometric and behavioral identity intelligence to deliver a multi-faceted 360-degree view of identity, making it possible to:

  • Capture and prevent more fraud
  • Accelerate approvals by eliminating unnecessary friction for trusted identities
  • Focus resources on relevant high-risk fraud threats
  • Minimize costly, time-consuming manual reviews
  • Reduce customer abandonment
We achieve a precise and current 360-degree view of identity risk by combining robust, end-to-end identity insights with advanced decisioning analytics and authentication technologies. By layering our leading data science expertise with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and technology automation, we deliver near real-time and on-demand identity analytics, authentication tools and risk decisioning intelligence.  Our fraud detection analytics tools inform near-instant fraud prevention without impeding the speed and security of trusted customer transactions.

Keep Trusted Transactions in Motion and Effectively Capture More Fraud

By harnessing the power of our risk and fraud detection analytics solutions you gain the advantage of complete, 360-degree view of identity that enables your business to proactively predict and prevent fraud while personalizing the transaction experience for valuable customers. Solve specific fraud challenges and save time and money by tailoring our risk and fraud analytics solutions to your unique risk thresholds and transaction paradigms.

Precisely identify multiple fraud types, including synthetic identities, bot-attacks, new account fraud and account takeover fraud and better inform authentication decisions with our sophisticated machine learning modeling technology that intuitively analyzes subtle fraud signals to quickly isolate risk.

Our Scope of Resources for Uncovering Identity Fraud Intelligence Is Unmatched:

LexisNexis® Fraud Intelligence
Mitigate new account fraud risk in near real-time by detecting fraudulent applications. A non-FCRA solution, Fraud Intelligence analyzes hundreds of unique identity characteristics, identity events and consumer application activity to provide a comprehensive view of identity for reducing fraud losses. 

Robust Data Repository
Leverage our unmatched identity intelligence that includes one billion business contacts, 500 million consumer identities that equal 95% coverage of the U.S. adult population, including entities with limited credit and financial histories; and benefit from our ability to resolve a unique identity up to 99.6% of the time.

LexisNexis® ThreatMetrix®
Spot suspicious behavior in near real-time and make trust and identity decisions with a network that analyzes more than 250 million daily transactions from more than 30,000 websites worldwide. Identify and authenticate omni-devices with digital identity insights built from billions of transactions, and embedded machine learning — predictive analytics fraud detection trusted by over 5,000 leading global brands to inform daily transactions.  

Device Assessment
Instantly verify device identity and location attributes, VPN and proxies and proactively uncover malware and bots with the power of complete digital identity perspective strengthened by the cumulative intelligence of over 35 billion annual transactions garnered from 5,000 global institutions that span a myriad of industries, including retail, financial services, e-commerce, telecom, business-to-business, utilities, gaming and more.
LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network®
Expand and enhance decision making precision with a near real-time view of emerging networked fraud threats built with the power of contributory, crowdsourced data that aggregates tokenized intelligence related to high-risk behavior, including logins, payments, and new account creations, from more than 35 billion global annual transactions. 

LexisNexis® Behavioral Biometrics
Recognize digital behavioral anomalies that signal fraud with informed insights into the patterns and preferences behind trusted relationships. Support a layered fraud defense that doesn’t add friction with more refined visibility into risk signals that indicate unusual interactions associated with bots and aggregators.

Innovative Data Science
Solve complex problems with our multidisciplinary group of statisticians, data scientists, computer scientists, economists, financial experts, and advisors dedicated to expanding our understanding of identity risk, consumer behavior, and the potential of new technology.

Capture More Fraud Without Compromising Revenue Streams

Customer experience. Customer engagement. Customer journey. Customer retention. The critical revenue that fuels your business is centered in the ability to quickly acquire and convert new customers. Every transaction demands a delicate balance between successfully prioritizing personalized interactions and preventing fraudsters from entering your customer ecosystem.

Our fraud detection analytics solutions correlates and consolidates the physical, digital, device, biometrics and behavioral attributes that encompass an identity and connect your business to predictive fraud analytics and actionable risk decision making intelligence. We deliver the customer acquisition advantage of a 360-degree view of identity that better informs identity proofing and fraud prevention processes.

Confidently capture more fraud and capitalize on customer revenue opportunities with our industry-tested risk and fraud analytics solutions.   

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Fraud Detection Analytics Streamlining Customer Journey

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