Cybercrime Report Global Infographic July-December 2019



What are the latest trends in global cybercrime?

What are the latest trends in global cybercrime?

Highlights from the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Cybercrime Report

The global cybercrime industry generates revenues that rival some of the largest economies of the world, with knowledge sharing, services and tools that facilitate global networks of fraud. Cybercriminals are moving across regions, industries and businesses to defraud consumers.

The LexisNexis® Digital Identity Network® analyzed 19B actual online transactions for fraudulent activities, from July - December 2019.

In this infographic, we take a closer look at some of the high-level trends in global cybercrime, including:

  • Global cybercrime in numbers
  • How mobile attacks outpace desktop for the first time
  • How fraud is tracked across the customer journey
  • Location of the top 10 cyber attackers worldwide.

For further insights, and a deeper dive into global cybercrime, the LexisNexis Risk Solutions Cybercrime Report looks at global fraud networks, analyzing their anatomy by geography, industry and volume. The report combines transaction and attack trends from across the globe with fraud stories from regions, industries and businesses.

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