H2 2018 Cybercrime Report



Rise of the machines - new report reveals 3 billion new bot attacks.

cybercrime and bot attacks

The New H2 2018 Cybercrime Report  is now available. 

The Cybercrime Report is produced biannually by ThreatMetrix – a LexisNexis Risk Solutions company, and provides deep insight into global online fraud.

The report is essential reading for anyone involved in cybersecurity, digital identity, fraud management and threat detection.

The latest edition of the Cybercrime Report is based on actual cybercrime attacks from July to December 2018 featuring global insights from the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network.

Highlights of the H2 2018 Cybercrime Report include:

An analysis of 17 billion transactions processed featuring 3 billion bot attacks
244 million human-initiated attacks including 103 million mobile attacks
61% of transactions come from mobile
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