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Eliminate the noise and focus on what's important with effective alert remediation.

Increasing global compliance demands have created the consequence of a marked increase in the amount of alerts associated with KYC and sanctions screening. 

Eliminate the distraction of managing false positives and strengthen anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. The time spent managing these growing numbers of alerts and distinguishing false positives from relevant risk takes resources and focus away from your core mission. LexisNexis® Alert Remediation Service helps accelerate alert processing so you can streamline customer on-boarding, concentrate on alerts with actual relevance and protect your business.


Accelerate alert remediation with a team of certified experts
LexisNexis Alert Remediation Service enables you to scale and extend your resources with the power and reach of our highly experienced remediation team of analysts.The service delivers direct access to certified anti-money laundering (AML) expertise that can optimize your alert remediation process and enable your business to:

  • Reduce the distraction and resource drain associated with managing alerts
  • Add a layer of efficiency to the remediation process
  • Improve focus on alerts that may have actual relevance
  • Strengthen AML compliance and defend against developing risk
  • Enable operational readiness to process unexpected operational peaks

Working within your own specific match verification parameters and definitions, our team helps cut through the noise of Level One alerts to effectively identify and clear obvious false positives, research and resolve more ambiguous alerts and escalate alerts and true matches that need further internal investigation or the filing of reports to the regulatory authorities.

LexisNexis Alert Remediation Service helps significantly increase throughput while ensuring the execution of your specific procedures.


Protect your business by quickly identifying pertinent risk

LexisNexis Alert Remediation Service delivers the expert resources and expedited turnaround time that you need to quickly respond to increasing compliance demands, identify increasing risk in your customer portfolio and continuously protect your organization against regulatory exposure.

This service helps markedly improve the speed and efficiency of alert processing across the lifecycle of your portfolio for critical processes that include:

  • Full Customer Portfolio Remediation: Prepare to comply with new regulatory requirements by reviewing all alerts generated from the screening of the full customer portfolio for sanctions and/or KYC.
  • Customer On-Boarding: Simplify account acquisition by reviewing alerts generated from the screening of new customers for sanctions and/or KYC.
  • Ongoing Customer Monitoring: Proactively prevent developing risks by reviewing alerts generated from the periodic review of your customer portfolio against sanctions and/or KYC requirements.

LexisNexis Alert Remediation service can help eliminate the distraction of managing false positives, strengthen AML compliance and improve your bottom line.

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