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Our identity verification and authentication solutions quickly see right through the most sophisticated fraud attempts.

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Your source for identity fraud and digital identity intelligence.

You need to ensure the person on the other end of the transaction isn’t a fraudster—without sacrificing a legitimate customer’s experience. The multiplicity of customer touchpoints—including increasing self-service remote channels—makes doing this more complex, but also more critical. Our identity verification and authentication solutions help you find balance, mitigate fraud losses, improve end user satisfaction and easily adapt to emerging channels and trends. We have the tools to create a comprehensive, layered approach or easily plug into your existing identity management framework:

  • Out-of-band and biometric solutions to help support higher levels of assurance
  • Identity document authentication that keeps up with changes in ID appearances and features device assessment that quickly matches identities to mobile devices, laptops and other digital devices
  • Advanced analytics that yield perceptive insights that allow for a more tailored approach to authentication
  • One of the largest compilations of consumer and business identity intelligence, covering 95% of the US adult population—including those with limited or no credit histories
  • Real-time risk-based transaction scoring through digital identity intelligence
  • Authentication and fraud prevention using dynamic behavioral history that creates a true digital identity
  • All administered through a single, streamlined platform

Quickly verify identities and create multi-layered authentication approaches for better fraud control, and a better customer experience with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions.

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