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Identities are multi-faceted. Is your identity & assurance approach well-matched?

Unify physical and digital identity intelligence and behavioral biometrics to build identity trust and deliver fast, effective services to constituents.
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Government Identity Assessment and Assurance


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Drive a more positive customer experience: Perform dynamic identity verification and authentication to uncover actionable intelligence on online and offline transactions.

Customers expect easy, secure omnichannel experiences everywhere — including the public sector. 

Federal, state and local agencies need to deliver services through multiple channels, with enhanced security that protects highly sensitive data and detects fraud, waste and abuse. Managing this “triple play” of government identity assessment and assurance takes more than robust data. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions adds multidimensional identity intelligence, behavioral biometrics, powerful linking and dynamic decisioning. Tools that yield meaningful context. 

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Government Identity Assessment & Assurance | LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Identity Assessment and Assurance Challenges We Address

Enhance your ability to verify self-reported information during the application or onboarding process and confidently assess identity risk in near real-time.

It starts by broadening your view of the population. Our 10,000+ data sources include:

  • public records, commercial & government data
  • alternative data that provides significantly better information on the unbanked — a sizeable portion of U.S. adults
  • healthcare data for government organizations needing to quickly understand providers as individuals, practitioners and businesses

Data alone isn’t enough. Using our proprietary LexID®️ linking technology, we distill all of that information down to the most relevant data points and resolve it to a single individual with 99.99% accuracy. 

We also apply automated identity verification tools to minimize backlogs and create a streamlined, people-friendly onboarding experience while protecting your program. Quickly detect anomalies — including subtle indicators of synthetic fraud. Score risks. Visually link and cluster data into a digital and physical identity ecosystem for faster, clearer insights and the building blocks to a stronger security stance.

Industry-leading Data Repositories

Reduce No-Hits/Not Founds with Robust Identity Data

Over 84B records from 10,000+ sources, including alternative data that helps surface more of the 63M unbanked/underbanked U.S. adults
Powerful Identity Resolution

Powerful Identity Resolution

Our LexID® linking technology resolves down to a unique identity with 99.99% accuracy
Alternative Data Helps You See A Business’ Data Footprint

Triangulate Multiple Data Sources to Combat Synthetic Identity Fraud

Spot anomalies like identity documents and attributes that don’t align, suspicious relationships, time-on-file/number of sources reported, and more

Drawing on powerful combinations of behavioral biometrics and identity intelligence from the digital and physical worlds, government agencies can quickly vet identities, link a person and their activity across touchpoints, and spot potential fraud threats.

We help you build a smart identity proofing strategy that responsively layers authentication steps based on both identity and transaction risk.

  • Go beyond simple username and password authentication methods, while minimizing friction and protecting the user against fraudulent access to their account and sensitive data
  • Give trusted individuals a streamlined experience — while new or riskier visitors receive additional scrutiny or step-up authentication factors
  • Protect against internal threats by authenticating telework employees and government contractors

Many of our multi-factor authentication solutions work “behind the scenes” to gather observable data on user behavior, their environment and more. Our solutions help lessen the burden on known, trusted individuals and can limit your intake of personally identifiable information while ensuring higher standards of security for your agency. Behavioral analytics and machine learning quickly adapt to changing behavior, reducing false positives for faster, more effective decisioning with less manual intervention. 

We Partnered On the Initiative gives the public a simple way to interact with participating federal agencies using a single identity proofing and sign-on process
Automated Solutions Keep You Ahead of Changing Risk Factors

As Fraudsters Evolve, So Should Your Approach

Combined authentication solutions and back-end fraud tools create a closed-loop system that continually learns from patterns and exceptions — bolstering your response
A Successful 25-Year Track Record

Get Best of Breed Identity Authentication

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions was rated a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Risk-Based Authentication, Q2 2020 report
Digital transformation is sweeping through the government sector — but adding web or mobile self-serve options for everyday transactions (e.g. change of address, renewals, etc.) is only the first step. You also need strong digital identity assessment strategies that optimize the citizen’s experience over the course of the relationship, and across touchpoints. 

LexisNexis®️ Risk Solutions helps government agencies manage identities across a growing landscape of channels, devices and change. The goal: reduce friction for known and trusted individuals, while simultaneously managing risk. 

LexID® Digital — our unique digital customer identifier — merges offline and online data in near real time to establish true digital identities. It’s a key part of the LexisNexis® Digital Intelligence Network, a global cross-industry contributory network of intelligence around high-risk transactional behavior (logins, payments, new account creations and more). Detect unusual activity such as location anomalies, new email addresses originating from the same device, or new delivery addresses. 

Behavioral biometrics takes things a step further to uncover irregularities in user mannerisms (e.g., keystrokes, swipe speed, device position/angle) that suggest impersonation.

Your agency continues to face ever more complex, sophisticated security threats — disguised in synthetic identities, bot and malware activity, device takeovers and other opaque schemes. Our solutions arm you with strong defense mechanisms.  
Expansive Global Data Coverage

Aggregated, Global Transactional Intelligence

Over 3B monthly transactions across multiple industries — ecommerce, financial services, telecom and gaming — reveal suspicious activity beyond your “four walls”
Visualization Tools Make Fraud Easier to Identify

Detect Suspicious Behaviors

Identify returning users who wipe cookies, use private browsing or change other parameters to bypass traditional device fingerprinting
Access to An International Team of Researchers

Uncover the True Location of a User’s Device

See true IP address, geolocation and other transactional attributes — and identify location and ID cloaking services such as hidden proxies and VPNs 

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