Healthcare Cybersecurity Video Series

Gain a better understanding of how healthcare organizations can build a cybersecurity strategy or prevent a healthcare data breach.
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LexisNexis expert Erin Benson provides insights into how healthcare organizations can use data and analytics solutions to mitigate healthcare cybersecurity risks.

Cybersecurity and risk are huge topics in the healthcare industry today. Data is moving at unprecedented rate between systems and organizations to provide the best patient experience possible. Mobile apps and telemedicine provide patients a new type of access to care, but with this access comes challenges and risk. As data moves between systems and apps, these systems become more appealing to fraudsters and cyber criminals, increasing the risk of intrusion. In addition to the risk of intrusion, data breaches involving medical records and other sensitive data can impact patient safety. Finally, the cost of a breach impacts profitability and trust of the healthcare organization. To alleviate cyber risk and adhere to compliance regulations, healthcare organizations must build layered identity verification and authentication programs to prevent these types of intrusions.

Digital identity management helps prevent data breaches mitigates of patient portals, healthcare apps and other electronic health systems. This video series provides insights into how healthcare organizations can mitigate cybersecurity risks using digital identity assessment tools and resources to ensure the right people can get access to their data and services. It also addresses how a cybersecurity strategy should also consider access for partners, vendors and employees, ensuring proper levels of access while not compromising patient engagement.

Cybersecurity, Part 1:

In this first video, Erin Benson describes the unprecedented way data is moving through healthcare organizations. Mergers and acquisitions, telemedicine, health apps and interoperability projects have made healthcare a prime target for cyberattacks, phishing & other cyber risks.

Cybersecurity, Part 2: 

Hear why ensuring the right people - patients, vendors, employees - have access to the right systems using multifactor authentication strategies to protect entry and data is critical.

Cybersecurity, Part 3:

Allowing patients to manage their journey is first priority when developing a cybersecurity strategy. This video discusses the layered approach when putting authentication protocols in the right places to keep criminals out.

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