Making Direct Mail A More Responsive Partner


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Did You Know That Direct Mail Performs Almost 600% Better Than All Digital Channels Combined?

Making Direct Mail A More Responsive Partner

When it seems everything is accomplished by app-ing and tapping, it’s almost hard to believe that good, old-fashioned printed direct mail performs almost 600% better than all digital channels combined.1

No wonder that U.S. spending on direct mail marketing reached $46 billion in 2014.2

With numbers like that, direct mail should be the darling of the marketing department and the C-suite. But you know what’s really going on behind closed doors, when those coveted prospects are going through the day’s mail. You see it in the declining response rates. Direct mail may be your best-performing channel, but that’s not saying much to your executive team. With so many marketers competing for attention, pre-screened offers are getting lackluster results.

1. 2015 DMA Response Rate Report, cited in an article by IWCO Direct
2. Direct Marketing Association, 2015 Statistical Fact Book

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