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Authenticate consumer identities from any mobile device.

Fortify authentication while minimizing friction for valuable customers.

LexisNexis® Authentication by Web Link leverages the combination of extensive identity intelligence, advanced analytics and intuitive technology to accelerate identity authentication for consumers utilizing remote channels.


With LexisNexis® Authentication by Web Link you can securely authenticate customer identities from any mobile device to automate new enrollments, support critical account activities and account management or add a layer of authentication for high-risk, high-value transactions.

Authentication by Web Link will enable your business to: 

  • Prioritize the customer experience with seamless, remote authentication
  • Reduce fraud vulnerabilities
  • Strengthen compliance with key regulations
  • Minimize friction for valuable customers
  • Avoid fraud losses and downstream issues, such as chargebacks


LexisNexis® Authentication by Web Link  is a highly secure step-up authentication with a lower friction experience for the consumer, and the ability to integrate with other authentication capabilities.

Confirms the Identity 
  • Identity matches consumer to account owner of cell phone
  • Identity matches consumer to owner of cell phone based on the up-to-the-second records of the mobile network operator
Confirms the phone number 
  • Confirms that the consumer interacting with cell phone is at the same number to with the confirmation was sent
  • Performs same function as One Time Password without confirmation of a code

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