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Does Daniel’s Bank Have Enough Information To Approve His Small Business Loan?

Daniel is living his dream in New York City and working in a fashion design shop that he started after a successful 5-year stint at one of the big houses. He learned a lot there, but felt he didn’t have the creative freedom to follow his own instincts and had to conform to someone else’s vision. Going out on his own was a big risk, but he has a small number of loyal followers who are bringing him business and helping to spread the word about his new venture, DYD (Daniel Yang Design). 

Daniel has never owned a business before, so he doesn’t have any business credit. He’s sharing an office with two other small businesses. He’s relying on his personal credit and a home equity loan to keep him afloat, but he needs to open a line of credit to get the materials he needs to continue developing his new clothing line. He dreams of becoming a household name if he can just get through these lean times. 

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