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Opportunity is Everywhere, If You Know How to Spot It

Great News: Small business lending is on the rise. Surely you want to ride the wave. But it's tricky because it can be hard to get reliable information on small business applicants. Sure, you have some access to some information and data, but it's limited:

• The credit application is self-reported. You can't readily detect misconstrued facts or outright fraud.
• Internal data usually applies only to existing customers, not new prospects.
• Credit reports often don't give a clear picture of small business credit. Fewer than 50% have a credit profile,
          and of those, about half are thin files.
• Most small business owners mix their personal and business operations. It can be hard to see the connection               points and understand the context behind them.  

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions alternative data can help.   

The richness of LexisNexis® Risk Solutions alternative data, combined with the ability to connect the dots through our exceptional linking capability, delivers a unique and magnified perspective into small business risk and gives you a significant advantage over creditors who are still struggling with how to assess it.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Offers Several Advantages

10,000+ sources: state and local registrations, points of contact, bankruptcy, judgments, liens and more

B2B trade payment histories

200+ LexisNexis blended modeling attributes (both commercial and associated individual)

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