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Small Business Credit Risk


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Better small business insights = a smarter route to growth.

Assessing small business credit risk is always a concern when trying to grow your portfolio. Information on small and mid-sized entities is often scant or nonexistent. Credit reports can be hit or miss; less than 50% of small businesses have a credit profile, and half of those are thin files. Searches come up short when you don’t connect the dots between, say an LLC and the “DBA” it operates under.

Refine your decisions with the broadest, deepest data sets in the industry.

Our rich data assets and exceptional linking capabilities come together to yield enhanced insight about your applicants and small business credit risk. Approve more applicants without loosening your lending standards and maximize your marketing investment. Our small business credit risk solutions deliver exactly what you need to evaluate creditworthiness, segment risk, identify beneficial owners, and more.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Offers Several Advantages

10,000 sources for business including registrations with state and local governments, points of contact, derogatory public records including bankruptcy, judgments, liens and more

200+ LexisNexis attributes (commercial, individual or blended)

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