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Bring context to the complex process of fraud detection and prevention.

Bolster and simplify fraud investigations using actionable intelligence on people, entities and their networks—all queried on your terms. 
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Government Fraud Detection and Prevention


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Surface hidden connections, visualize larger patterns and strengthen your agency’s fraud detection and prevention efforts

With government services and transactions, timeliness is essential — but so is scrutiny. 

Agencies must be good stewards of their limited resources and ensure proper controls. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps agencies deliver efficient services fortified by fraud detection and prevention solutions specifically designed for government. Detect sophisticated and coordinated fraud schemes — then feed that intelligence back into upfront tools to strengthen future defenses. 

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Government Fraud Detection & Prevention | LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

Fraud Detection and Prevention Challenges We Address

Government fraud investigations hinge on the quality of public records data and the linking capabilities that bring it all into a meaningful picture. But investigative resources aren’t endless. Agencies have to know where to best focus their fraud detection efforts for maximum results.  

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps you overcome common fraud detection challenges like these and ultimately:

  • improve investigative outcomes,
  • reduce false positives;
  • streamline processes.

Harness our unique combination of tools to close information gaps that slow you down. Key into actionable insights on people, entities and their extended networks of connections. We make it simple and streamlined. Our fraud detection solutions rely on broad, diverse data sets — aggregated and resolved down to the individual or entity with our proprietary LexID®️ linking technology — to see beyond limited encounters and isolated data. Advanced analytics and machine learning help you quickly differentiate legitimate individuals from bad actors — and recognize anomalies or high-risk fraud indicators buried deep in the data. Visualization tools sharpen the view, giving you a clear picture of risky connections or patterns that signal larger coordinated schemes or evolving threat types.

Coverage of Over 98% of the U.S. Adult Population

Coverage of Over 98% of the U.S. Adult Population

84B records from 10,000+ data sets, including alternative data, maximizes visibility into diverse populations
More Business Data Than Other Providers

More Small Business Coverage Than Competitors

We can shed light on 25% more U.S. businesses and 60% more small businesses than other providers – bringing hard-to-see entities into view
Access to An International Team of Researchers

A Team of Fraud Experts Is Ready to Assist You

Access to our seasoned Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is included with all our fraud product offerings

Fraud is continually evolving — and will get tougher to contain as online services and transactions continue to increase. Synthetic identities. Bots. Account takeovers. Some solutions can catch one type of fraud but not others. Fraud prevention efforts that were effective just a few months ago may now be inadequate. 

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions helps defend against the full range of fraud threats, providing actionable insights that enable you to more quickly spot—and prevent—outliers or emerging patterns:

  • See beyond your own “four walls” into identities and activities across programs, states and jurisdictions. We aggregate and link data from multiple sources —including internal agency data, large-scale external identity and business data sets and contributed intelligence across government agencies.
  • Agilely respond as risks evolve. Easy-to-use dashboards leverage visual analytics to provide a precise view of risk and help you see trends across your programs.
  • Pair our fraud solutions with identity assessment and assurance through a single, centralized platform. Spot bad actors and/or risky attributes before they can infiltrate your program. Learn from downstream fraud detection efforts to intercept repeat offenders and prevent future efforts.
Proven Savings with Contributory Databases

Proven Savings with Contributory Databases

A 5-state pilot of the National Accuracy Clearinghouse realized $116M in annual savings; the network continues to grow
Plan More Effective Outreach Efforts

Stay Ahead of Fraud with Our Special Investigations Unit (SIU)

SIU applies its cross-agency learnings to help identify patterns or trends in your own data, or advise on identity or business risk threats
A Successful 25-Year Track Record

Solutions Built Specifically for the Government Sector

Designed for the way individuals and public agencies interact; provides for optimized user experience and agency workflow
Many fraud analytics solutions are not ideally suited for Government applications. They are cumbersome to use, not aligned with typical agency workflows, and the information they provide can be hard to interpret and not immediately actionable.   

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions designs in-depth fraud solutions specifically with Government needs in mind. Leverage automation to score risks and prioritize investigative efforts, reducing manual workload and focusing on the largest incidents or those where you’re most likely to successfully recoup improper payments. Configure the analytics to align with your processes and agency-specific risk scoring. Query the data based on your specific questions — no data scientists required. 

Visualization tools make it even easier to derive meaning from the outputs. See the relationships between individual data elements, clusters of people and/or entities, patterns of behavior and associated risks. 
Automation and Machine Learning Help Reduce Manual Reviews

Automation and Machine Learning Help Reduce Manual Reviews

Our automated fraud analytics solutions assess and score risks to inform workflow, create efficiencies and obviate judgement calls 
Visualization Tools Make Fraud Easier to Identify

Visualization Tools Make Fraud Easier to Identify

Easily detect risky connections in vast expanses of data, spotting outliers and patterns you might otherwise miss
Connect Data In Various Ways Leveraging Multiple LexIDs

End-to-End Fraud Fighting Capabilities

Through machine learning, our solutions can adapt to new fraudster tactics; feeding back-end learnings into front-end identity risk assessment to strengthen your anti-fraud defense

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