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Whether looking for new customers, sizing up strategic partnerships or bolstering your supply chain, get a clear picture of whom you’re working with.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions addresses the key challenges of Small and Mid-Sized Business Risk to help you evaluate relationships and make effective decisions. Our Small and Mid-Sized Business Risk solutions deliver small business intelligence so you can recognize valuable opportunities and avoid risk at every stage of key relationships. 

  • Process Applications – Rewarding relationships begin with a precise picture of a prospect that includes business profile data and a credit risk perspective on the business and business owner. Our solutions deliver deeper insights into your applicants’ backgrounds—and we can fill in the blanks on thin-file candidates to expand your potential customer pool. We help uncover additional details on businesses to drive better decisions and speed onboarding of customers, partners and vendors with minimal friction and manual intervention.
  • Manage Accounts – Monitoring can help you maximize growth opportunities and manage risk factors before they impact your business. Our solutions deliver insight across your portfolio so you can easily monitor profile changes and evaluate opportunities to increase wallet share or proactively identify developments that may expose you to risk.
  • Recover Debt – An effective collections strategy depends on expanded customer insight to target the route that yields the best results with the least expenditure of resources. Our solutions combine payment history data with business profile data to deliver detailed account perspective that helps prioritize targets. Save time and money with robust data that connects you to current contact information and up-to-date insights so you can focus collection efforts on the most effective segments.    

Our solutions provide comprehensive perspective into your customers, vendors and third-party partners to support well-informed decisions across the life cycle of the relationship. Contact us to learn how our solutions can deliver more in-depth insights on small businesses and the people behind them.


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