LexisNexis® Automated Risk Assessment

Streamline Due Diligence and Investigations

LexisNexis® Automated Risk Assessment can help improve manual processes and provide actionable insights to reduce fraud costs and improve operational efficiency.

LexisNexis® Automated Risk Assessment


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Automate Manual Due Diligence and Investigation to Reduce Fraud Costs

The integration of digital technology into all areas is fundamentally changing how businesses operate and deliver value to their customers. COVID-19 pressed the fast-forward button on digital transformation. Many organizations experienced a tremendous surge in new customers online as well as an increase in fraud attempts. While customers like the safety and convenience of online transactions, fraudsters appreciate the anonymity of faceless transactions.

Businesses are struggling to keep up with the increased volume and increased fraud attempts. Consider these statistics1:

  • One in four digital transactions is flagged for manual review.
  • Each review takes at least 15 minutes.
  • Most reviews and subsequent investigations result in false positives.
  • False positives cost retailers a staggering $118 billion USD while actual fraud cost only $9 billion per year.
How can businesses protect themselves from fraud and maintain compliance while providing a positive consumer experience in today’s fast-paced, high-volume digital environment?

Streamline Due Diligence and Investigation Processes

The easy answer for improving online fraud detection and prevention is to add more security measures. But that brings its own issues. Customers have high expectations. They know what a great digital experience looks like, and they expect it from every business they patronize. Anything that slows them down or complicates a transaction weakens their desire to do business with your company.

Many organizations are still mitigating risk the same way they have before the pandemic. They’re using manual, physical identification methods. As alert volumes rise, adding more labor resources to tackle compliance and fraud challenges is not a sustainable strategy. Organizations should consider leveraging data and technology solutions to improve efficiency of their due diligence and investigation processes.

Automating Risk Assessment

LexisNexis® Automated Risk Assessment is an immediately deployable, codeless solution that automates manual due diligence and investigation processes using pre-configured workflows. It can reduce manual review times and overall compliance spend for:

  • Financial services companies
  • Bankcard/retail card issuers
  • Money service businesses
  • Wireless/telecom/utilities
  • E-commerce merchants

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Improve efficiency of your online due diligence and investigations activities.

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LexisNexis Automated Risk Assessment costs less, can be implemented faster, and requires fewer resources than a custom API solution. It’s a scalable, sustainable, compliance and fraud prevention strategy.


LexisNexis Automated Risk Assessment helps organizations streamline their fraud investigations, customer service and due diligence activities, enabling them to meet increasing demands with existing resources. Through integration with our risk portals, LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® and LexisNexis® AML Insight™, Automated Risk Assessment leverages artificial intelligence/machine learning analytics to deliver insights that:
  • Reduce fraud costs – Automated Risk Assessment automation index and process improvement equate to higher fraud hit rates that reduce the rate of fraud cost.
  • Improve quality – Automation means fewer transactions fall through the cracks and are treated with consistency.
  • Optimize productivity – Automated Risk Assessment can eliminate up to 80% of the time spent on enhanced due diligence activities and manual review processes and improves workflow performance 5x for increased ROI.
  • Reduce friction – When you lower the number of false positives via LexisNexis Automated Risk Assessment’s automation index accuracy, more customers have a positive experience, boosting their loyalty and your top line revenue.
  • Accelerate time to value – Automated Risk Assessment is pre-configured to automate existing workflows in LexisNexis® Risk Management Solutions® and LexisNexis® AML Insight™ portals. It can be launched quickly and easily to begin improving your operational efficiency immediately.
LexisNexis Automated Risk Assessment Report
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LexisNexis Automated Risk Assessment is customizable and able to be tailored to your organization’s unique requirements and workflow. In addition to automated processing, it provides a simple pass/fail status for transactions based on the automation index configuration. It appends a full report output along with recommended next-step actions.

Automated Risk Assessment supports an organization’s most critical fraud and financial crime compliance use cases:

Call Center Authentication
Call Center Authentication
New Account Opening
New Account Opening, Customer Identification Program (CIP)
Know Your Customer (KYC)
Know Your Customer (KYC)
Customer Due Diligence
Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
Enhanced Due Diligence
Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

Improve Your Robotics Process Automation Workflow

LexisNexis Automated Risk Assessment Workflow
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Use Automated Risk Assessment along with human analysts or robotics process automation (bots). Although bots automate repetitive search and report portions of their manual review process, they still require a human analyst to handle the risk assessment and decisioning steps. Automated Risk Assessment, however, enhances bot efficiency by automating these processes with a custom workflow and automation index designed to emulate a human analyst performing verification and risk assessment tasks.

Automated Risk Assessment improves overall quality, efficiency and consistency. And when used with bots, it provides a fully automated, end-to-end workflow for many repetitive online investigations and due diligence activities.

Learn how automated risk assessments can unlock efficiencies in your financial crime compliance workflow with identity matching and risk decision-making. 

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1. https://www.digitaltransactions.net/magazine_articles/the-manual-review-question/

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