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Collections and recovery solutions for those who demand more.

Locating people and assets is hard enough — and some of the current tools you’re using may create more drag than lift. That’s where we come in. Our collections and recovery solutions help you identify more right-party contacts, improve segmentation, and drive increased workflow efficiencies and profitability at every stage in the debt collection process.

Better prioritize accounts for collection and concentrate your efforts where you’ll have the most success. Follow distinct collections decisioning workflows powered by Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) data to ensure you’re using the right information for permissible purposes. Instead of sifting through mountains of data from multiple sources, access the most reliable and relevant data through various delivery channels including online, batch or XML. Then quickly get to work on contact and debt recovery.

Discover how our collections and recovery solutions streamline collection efforts and increase returns.

Skip Tracing

Access pertinent details on debtors for fast, efficient location. Gain insight into phone ownership and number type.

Debt Recovery Assessment

Strengthen your collections strategy for maximum return and eliminate the guesswork of FCRA data compliance.

Collections Compliance

Breathe easier. Better manage the multitude of regulatory fine points in collections and recovery.

Get more from your collections and recovery solutions, with LexisNexis® Risk Solutions

More return on your efforts. More efficiency in your processes. More assurance that you’re staying compliant.

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Insights and Resources


Deciding Who to Sue Is Challenging

PAYMETRIX Profitability Index identifies the likely profitability of each suit decision

The Truth behind Involuntary Collections

If you are frustrated with increasing non-performing judgments, there are two common issues that may be to blame.

Not All Data is Created Equal    

Lorum ipsom

FCRA’s role in talk-offs is often misunderstood—but understanding it is critical to managing risk.

Effective tools for the Entire Bankruptcy Process

Gain efficiencies with automated notifications and continual monitoring of changes.

We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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