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Reduce Manual Review Time and Drive Operational Efficiencies

Automate Customer Due Diligence and Enhanced Due Diligence for more efficient compliance workflows.

Digital commerce continues to accelerate and digital channels now carry a significant portion of transactions. While this digital environment offers convenience for consumers, the shift is creating opportunities for financial crime and driving increased due diligence volume. Now more than ever, compliance teams need to find ways to reduce manual review time and drive operational efficiencies. As consumers solidify their e-commerce preferences, businesses need a strategy that balances exceptional customer experience with effective compliance workflows.  

Current technologies can automate manual tasks, but not decision-making

While current automation technologies can perform analysis on data to inform compliance decisions and support efficiencies, most solutions stop short of making decisions on behalf of compliance reviewers. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help with lower-level tasks, such as data entry and web scraping, but screening analysts can be left with manual decision tasks that machines can’t readily perform.

Automate decision tasks with LexisNexis® Automated Risk Assessment for Financial Crime Compliance

Unlock efficiencies in your financial crime compliance workflows by automating how your compliance analysts perform identity matching and risk decision-making. LexisNexis® Automated Risk Assessment empowers compliance analysts to significantly improve case completion rates and reduce the risk of research errors, and make bots more efficient by:

  • Developing custom workflows including an automation index.  This process follows the same steps a human would take when performing verification and risk assessment tasks.
  • Using pre-configured custom workflow bots can quickly assess the overall transaction status and automation index to perform a verification and risk assessment.
  • Automating processes which limit the need for manual intervention. 

LexisNexis® Automated Risk Assessment leverages LexisNexis® AML Insight™ and LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® to analyze input data and integrates the analysis into a holistic workflow that compliance leaders can implement to standardize risk decision-making.

Automate and streamline repetitive, online investigations and due diligence activities

Support your compliance team by automating compliance tasks through strategically-implemented business rules.

  • Tunable risk engine: LexisNexis® Automated Risk Assessment takes risk-related data and creates a workflow to support automated decision-making.
  • Automated risk decisioning: A simple pass/fail status is provided for transactions based on the automation index configuration.
  • Easy-to-read decision reporting: Appended full report output along with recommended next-step actions for additional research where applicable.
  • Convenient workflow customization: Customize workflow rules to align with your unique organizational verification, operational and risk assessment policies.
  • Sits alongside conventional RPA applications: Augments the capabilities of your existing RPA platforms.

Benefits for Your Financial Crime Compliance Operations

Reduce costs of financial crime compliance – An automation index configuration and process improvement can equate to lower false positive rates and more accurate risk ratings that reduce the cost of financial crime to your business
Improve quality – Automation means transactions are processed consistently.
Optimize productivity – Automated Risk Assessment can eliminate up to 80% of the time spent on manual review processes while improving workflow performance. 
Accelerate time to value – Automated Risk Assessment is pre-configured to automate existing workflows in LexisNexis Risk Management Solutions® and LexisNexis® AML Insight™. It can be launched quickly and easily to begin improving your operational efficiency immediately.

Witness how LexisNexis® Automated Risk Assessment for Financial Crime Compliance can fortify your compliance workflows

LexisNexis Automated Risk Assessment offers an immediately deployable solution to reduce manual review times, operating costs and regulatory exposure using pre-configured workflows.

Learn how automated risk assessments can help to reduce fraud costs by streamlining manual due diligence and investigations.

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